Debunking Heavy Equipment Rental Myths

by Wave Construction Construction
Are you thinking about renting heavy equipment for your next construction project? Then you've probably heard about some false information circulating about renting said equipment. Below are myths surrounding heavy equipment rental service in the Philippines

Myth Number One: Renters are not liable for machines under insurance

Fact: Even if the rented heavy equipment is under insurance, it is your responsibility as the renter to make sure the equipment is returned in good condition. This will cause you and the company unnecessary expense depending on the extent of the damage. 

And remember that you aren't the only person who will be using the equipment, someone else will be renting it after you. So return the equipment in the state that you found it in. Take on-site precautionary measures to ensure safety not only of your workers, but the machines as well. 

Myth Number Two: The reason why heavy equipment is rented out is that it's outdated and they often malfunction

Fact: No, that is not true at the slightest. You get to choose what type of equipment you rent. You can opt for newer and older models depending on what job needs to be done. Renters have access to newer models, which implies a higher price point.

All machines, however, are equally as well maintained as newer models. It is the prerogative of the agency to keep their equipment working in tip-top shape. Industrial equipment is not the cheapest and agencies must protect their investment by regularly servicing them.

Myth Number Three: You spend more money on equipment rental as opposed to buying them

Fact: If anything, rental is so much cheaper than buying your equipment, which could cost you millions of pesos. You get your equipment on demand, and you don't need to worry about insurance, maintenance costs, or operator fees as the agency takes care of it for you.

Also, the machines depreciate when they're not being used. Letting heavy equipment sit in a corner will do it more harm than good. You will end up spending more money on repairs on top of what you used to buy the machines. Renting would ultimately be the better choice.

Myth Number Four: Heavy equipment rental is only available on a long term basis

Fact: Agencies are flexible when it comes to rental dates, just make the correct arrangements, and you can negotiate on whether you want hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly rates. You can even swap equipment in the middle of a project, suppose the needs of the construction project change. Give the agency a call, and they will gladly help you in any way they can to finish your project.

For any concerns about construction equipment rental in Philippines, feel free to contact WAVE Constructions. We'll be more than happy to debunk any heavy equipment rental myths that you've heard about and set your mind at ease.

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