Control The High Blood Sugar With The Help Of Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment

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'Unfortunately, diabetes is the most common health problem in India, it happens due to the high blood sugar level. The disease can be fatal if not taken care and controlled on time. Sometimes, people suffer from multiple organs failure and in worst case is death. In the case of diabetes, the blood sugar level increases dramatically and the diabetic person encounters high hunger pangs, loss of energy, fatigue, frequent urination, tiredness etc. The entire body becomes weak and tiresome.

Initial symptoms of diabetes

1. When an individual suffers from diabetes the entire body experiences below mentioned symptoms

1. Dry mouth, sore throat.

2. Information on hands and legs.

3.Frequent urination and the ants near the urine of the partner.

4. Loss of weight.

5. High level of hunger pangs.

Diet advice for the diabetic patient

The individual should include a healthy wholesome meal and cut down intake of sugary treat. It is best to include grains like wheat, rice, barley, ragi, jowar in everyday diet. The individual can also include food like dal, pulse, kidney beans. Bitter gourds, bottle guard, garlic etc helps to reduce the blood sugar level naturally. Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking and it can drastically increase the blood sugar level. You can include water and liquid food into your diet.

Diabetes ayurvedic treatment

The best herbal remedy to cure diabetes is diabetes Divya Madhushini Vati, this herbal formula helps to increase the insulin production in the pancreas. The blood sugar level is reduced drastically when the Divya Madhushini Vati is taken regularly. It helps to increase the overall health, heart, eyes, kidneys and blood circulation.

Divya Madhushini Vati

Each pack of Divya Madhushini Vati contains an adequate amount of the powerful ingredient i.e shilajit, ashwagandha, gurmaar, Nimba, giloy, kutaj, amla, kachoor, vasa, Harar Choti, badjata, kutki, jamun seeds, haldi, methi seeds, sarangi etc.

Benefits of taking Divya Madhushini Vati regularly

1.Divya Madhushini Vati has all the herbal formula which helps to activate the pancreas and also boost the insulin secretion. The extra glucose is easily converted into glycogen.

2.Divya Madhushini Vati helsp to control the irritation and reduces overall body weakness. It also boosts the brain function and keeps it healthy.

3.This Ayurvedic formula helps to control the hands and feet numbness. Divya Madhushini Vati makes central nervous system strong.

4. Divya Madhushini Vati cure issues like exhaustion, tension, fatigue, dizziness etc.

5.The ayurvedic formula helps to cure common systems of diabetic like frequent urination, sore throat, thirst, hunger pangs, excessive loss of body weight, eye vision issues, skin infection, bleeding gum.

6. The entire formula helps to improve the body immunity and is best for both men and women.

The prescribed dosage of Divya Madhushini Vati is to take 1-2 capsules twice a day with a glass of lukewarm water. The best practice is to take the medicine before breakfast and dinner, prior to an hour. The medicine helps to control the high blood sugar level in a natural way.

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