Considerable Factors that Make Buying Heat Pumps Beneficial for You

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Heat pumps are devices that take heat from one place and then deliver that heat to another place at a higher temperature. The heat pump’s function is similar to that of your home refrigerator. The only difference is that the refrigerator does not compress the refrigerant gas to raise the temperature rather it just draws the heat from the contents of your refrigerator and dispatches that heat through the heat exchanger that is available at the rear end of the refrigerator. A heat pump extracts renewable energy from air, water or ground and transfers it to your home at a ratio of 1:4 or more. Usually three types of heat pumps available i.e. air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

Heat pumps are a healthy and environment friendly alternative to the traditional techniques that utilizes gas, fire or electricity. When you choose to invest on a heat pump you need to consider few factors to get the best value out of the investment you have made. The first thing is the operating cost that must be considered while purchasing a heat pump. And for verifying that the best indication is the energy star rating provided by the EECA. Depending on the ability to cool and heat every heat pump is being rated. A highly efficient heat pump heats or cools the room with lesser effort and at lesser cost.

Second considerable factor is home insulation. Home insulation helps in keeping the heat in and the cold out. Therefore, it is vital to get your floor and ceiling insulated properly before installing the heat pump. With your home is properly insulated it compliments your heat pump and make it cheaper for you to heat your home. Additionally, properly insulated home allows you to buy a smaller sized pump which may cost less.

The next factor that must be considered while purchasing a heat pump is the brand. Yes, a well-known and reputed brand ensures the workability of the product. And it is easier to obtain the spare parts when needed for repairing or any other reason. Another factor is the supplier who plays the crucial role. You must choose a supplier who can provide after sales support as it will give a peace of mind that there is someone who can answer to your queries whenever you need.

Size of the heat pump is yet another factor which must not be avoided. If you buy an incorrect sized heat pump either you will have to work hard to heat up the room (when size is smaller than required) or the heat pump could not be fully utilized (when size is larger than required). And in the former case you may require other heating sources such as a heater. To avoid any problem related to size consulting with a professional before buying is always advisable. The professionals will measure your home and then determine which size of heat pump best fits your home.

When planning to buy heat pumps there are other factors as well that must be considered so that you will save on energy bills. These factors are the existing climate of your place, the type of fuel available in your location, insulation of your home and the other devices used in energy-saving in your home. In case of cold climates with -15 C or -25 C all heat pumps do not work that efficiently. The heat that these heat pumps emit in a cold climate is not enough to warm an area or building as the cold climate could not provide enough energy to the pump to operate and emit the required heat. And in such case a supplementary heat is needed that will help the heat pump in giving the warmth and heat to an area. And this supplementary heat is obtained from electrical sources.

This article is written by Arctic Heat Pumps who provide cold climate heat pumps that are specifically designed to work in temperatures below freezing as low as -25 C. To know more about-25 C Heat Pump and -15 C Heat Pump offered by them visit

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