Common Male Infertility Issues

by Dr. Manika Khanna Gaudium IVF Centre

The reproductive ability of a couple is determined by the health of both, the male and female partner. When any of the two comes across infertility issues, the couple can have problems with conception and they have to look for options in assisted reproduction. A lot has been said and discussed about female infertility, but it is true that male infertility can be equally responsible for a couple’s inability to conceive. Therefore, it is vital to know all about the common male factor issues that can trouble couples so that the right treatment can be sought out to set things right.

Assisted reproductive techniques like IVF, IUI and ISCI are seen as the most effective solutions for male infertility. Gaudium IVF provides the best infertility treatment in Delhi, here patients are offered the best treatment options for female as well as male infertility issues. 

Let’s have a look at the common male infertility issues:

Problems with sperm production:

Since sperm is a necessity for reproduction, its number as well as quality has to be right for a couple to be able to conceive naturally. The testes have to function properly and also the hormonal levels have to be normal for the sperm production and quality to be good enough.  Most of the time, these problems arise due to genetic/chromosomal problems, infections, radiation damage, exposure to chemicals and undescended testes (a condition when the testes fail to descend by birth). Varicocele is a condition in which the veins that drain the testicles get swelled up and this affects the sperm quality.

Ejaculation Issues:

Another common male infertility issue is that of retrograde ejaculation, which is characterized by the semen reaching into the bladder instead of being ejaculated through the penis during the intercourse. In other words, the semen goes in the reverse direction during the intercourse, making pregnancy practically impossible. Bladder surgery, diabetes, spinal injury and prostrate surgeries are the leading causes of retrograde ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Like retrograde ejaculation, erectile dysfunction is a structural issue with males. It happens when a man is unable to have an erection or maintain it during the intercourse, thus hampering his ability to conceive. Ageing, infection, smoking, diabetes and poor lifestyle are the contributing causes of erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal Imbalances:

It is not always direct problems with male reproductive organs that can have a baneful influence on male fertility. In fact, dysfunction in endocrine systems can hamper the function of hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenal and pituitary glands and they produce abnormal levels of male hormones, thus resulting in male infertility.

Lifestyle Generated Problems:

Certain male infertility issues are lifestyle generated, with fertility being affected by factor such as exposure to environmental toxins, excessive stress, radiation exposure, overheating of testicles, smoking, drug and alcohol usage and being overweight.

Depending upon the cause of male infertility, a feasible treatment option can be decided for the patient.


Gaudium IVF is the top IVF clinic in Delhi which offers advanced reproductive treatments for all kinds of fertility issues. 

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