Common iOS device Hardware Problems and How to Get them Resolved?

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Many people love to use iPhone due to its exaggerated yet trendy features it offers. However, it is pretty normal that after prolonged multitasking and gaming, your device happens to run into some common hardware issues. 

Are you an avid iOS user and have troubles with your mobile, say iPhone 11? 

Whether due to a severe impact or a vague issue, your iOS device seems to have caught significant jeopardy and may stop working if you don’t resolve those! Now, you are unable to figure out what’s ailing your device! 

Not to worry! iPad Repair in Delhi is pretty straightforward, and check out those common hardware issues and get them resolved! Let’s jump into the article to check the common iOS device hardware issues and the process of resolving those.

  1. Quick Battery Drain

The iPad service center in Delhi is there for you to resolve this issue to get a prolonged experience with your iOS device. If you have been going through a rapid battery drainage issue for longer times, it will be a sign of a hardware issue. 


The probable solution would be turning off the unwanted apps that are running. It causes a quick draining of the battery. If it doesn’t work, then it is advisable to visit the apple repair center in Delhi.

  1. Not getting charged

Another common iOS device issue indicates that the device is not getting charged! It suggests that the hardware is getting disrupted and needs maintenance or a complete hardware issue prevention solution from iPad repair in Delhi.


Wipe the charging port in order to expel debris or some specks of dust. If still, the problem persists, you need to crosscheck the connection cable if it is efficiently working with other Apple devices or not! You may also do a force restart or a factory reset. Still, the issue persists; visit yours nearer Apple service provider, FixMyMobile. It is the one-stop-shop solution for all types of hardware problems.

  1. Wi-Fi is unable to get connected

It is one of the most general iOS device issues often encountered by users; could software or hardware problem. Therefore, if you have ever gone through this issue, the solution is pretty hassle-free! 


You have to switch it off and restart the device, followed by simultaneously pressing and holding the lock and home button until the Apple logo arrives on the screen. After the device has restarted, you must be capable of connecting to Wi-Fi. If the issue still remains, visit the “settings” option and then Wi-Fi. Now, scrolling down to the end of the page and make the “HTTP” proxy in auto settings. 

  1. The touchscreen is not working

Specific issues are there for the non-working touchscreen; it may have stopped responding or showing a black screen! 


A practical solution will be restarting your device again. If it doesn’t work, charge for an hour to see some difference. If the screen is cracked and not responding after so many attempts, it is a common sign of a hardware issue. Therefore, you will have to go to the iPad service center in Delhi. Your device problem will be resolved at a top-notch price!

  1. Bluetooth issue

Unable to pair your device with another Bluetooth device or a disrupted Bluetooth connection is a typical iOS device issue that indicates hardware malfunctions. 


Initially, you may go to the “settings,” turn it off and on, followed by restarting the device. Or, you may toggle airplane mode. If the solution doesn’t work, visit settings > Bluetooth. Then, click on the “forget this device” and try again to pair it. However, updating to the newest iOS version will also resolve this problem.

  1. Speaker is not working

It is also one of the common problems with the iOS devices that the speaker is not working. Your iOS device speaker vents accumulate debris over time, and that may result in the sound becoming muffled.  


You may restart your iOS device as restarting sorts out many issues. If nothing works, it means the iOS device catches a hardware problem. Therefore, the speaker needs to be repaired by the nearest Apple service center in Delhi.

Concluding words

We hope the aforementioned compilation of the most common hardware issues of iOS devices and their solutions is supportive. If you also faced any of those issues and could not resolve these, you may visit your nearest servicing center to get all types of servicing and repairing your iOS devices. 

Never try to solve those unknown issues by own if you are not confident to solve those problems! Choose only the top-notch service provider, like FixMyMobile, when it comes to resolving these common hardware problems. You will get here an instant repair that assures prompt and hassle-free service, door-step delivery altogether with a stand-by-device.   

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