Commercial Kitchen Plan To Run A Successful Restaurant

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The success of a restaurant highly depends on the commercial kitchen as it is the heart of it. If you are considering getting into the realm of running a restaurant, it is absolutely important to understand how a commercial kitchen works. Apart from purchasing or leasing an area to build a restaurant and buying large pieces of commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, becoming a successful restaurateur takes much more than that. Let us discuss the components involved in starting and running a successful restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Components and Plan

The various cooking and restaurant games on the mobile phone may suggest that commercial kitchen consists of a variety of commercial kitchen equipment such as fryers, commercial roast chicken machine, grills, rotisserie commercial equipment with a chef and many staff working frantically. If you plan on becoming a successful restaurateur, you should know that this is not how a commercial kitchen works. The entire kitchen needs to be organized, and the process pre-defined and optimized to run in a flow which increases the performance and efficiency of all the workers in the kitchen. The kitchen layout needs to be planned so that the area of the restaurant is distributed into various sections to carry out these functions.


This area in a commercial kitchen is used to wash the dishes and appliances. Multiple sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine are placed here. And the area should be between the eating area (so that the server can drop dirty dishes) and the storage area (so that clean dishes can be moved quickly to the storage).


Storage, as the name suggests, is an area to store all the food and non-food items. This area can be split into food storage and non-food storage area. The non-food area can further be split into two sections, one to store cleaning supplies and other section to store clean dishes. The food storage can have a cold storage area and another dry area to store non-perishable consumables. This area can be located in between the cleaning area and food preparation for ease of access.

Food Preparation

This area is to prepare food before cooking it which includes washing, cutting, and mixing. The area can be separated into various smaller sections to do individual activities. This section may contain small pieces of equipment such as the food processor, chopper. It is a good practice to plan this area next to the storage to grab the required items quickly and speed up the process.

Meal Cooking

This is where the main dishes are cooked and finished, so the area needs to have a lot of space to be able to accommodate a variety of equipment such as rotisserie commercial equipment, commercial roast chicken machine, fryers, and ovens. This area can be further broken down into various cooking stations for baking, grilling, frying, etc. And the area should be in front of the kitchen and near the service area.


This is the area where the finished dishes are picked up by the service staff to serve the customers. The area should be located in front of the meal cooking place next to the dining area.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Other than planning an effective kitchen layout and getting the right pieces of restaurant kitchen equipment, you also need to adhere to an ergonomically designed kitchen where all the equipment and other components are placed in such a way that it takes the shortest amount of time to retrieve anything and work with it, thus increasing the work efficiency. 

Another important factor you just cannot ignore is keeping your commercial kitchen up to code. After all the hard work you have put through, you just cannot afford for the health department to shut down your restaurant as you have missed to keep up to code. 

The kitchen of a restaurant is where the magic happens. Without a well-organized, equipped, and functional kitchen, it is next to impossible for a restaurant to survive, let alone be a success. Starting a new restaurant requires putting your start-up budget in the right places such as choosing the right commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, restaurant area, layout, and efficient staffs. Keeping the kitchen stocked, organized, and clean with clear protocols and smooth communication between the workers and management will help you operate your restaurant smoothly. All the best!

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