Here is How You can Wow Your Guests with Rotisserie Cooking

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Rotisserie cooking happens to be an awesome way to add some versatility to your cooking. Most grills have a small commercial rotisserie option, and many of them found these days also come equipped with special commercial rotisserie burners. No matter what way you use for grilling, rotisserie cooking is an awesome way of cooking larger items like whole roasts or chickens.

Advantages of Rotisserie Cooking

Meats will usually come out to be self-basted, slow-roasted, and juicier. There are some differences worth noting between using a grill and a commercial rotisserie machine that you may want to be aware of. The first thing to do is to start with the instructions that come with your particular grill. Along with that, bear in mind that while a whole lot of grilling gets done over a hot fire, you would need a lot less heat in the case of your small commercial rotisserie.

Equipment Needed for Rotisserie Cooking

To begin with your equipment, what you will need is a commercial rotisserie attachment that fits your grill. We would recommend that you make sure to get a good rotisserie attachment which also has a powerful motor. Nowadays, it is getting more and more common to be able to find grills that also come along with a rotisserie attachment with some even going to the extent of including a specially made rotisserie burner. You should also be able to get a rotisserie attachment to fire your charcoal powered kettle grill and that will work just as well. The rotisserie burner makes for a very good feature as it sets up for automatic and indirect even heating.

How to utilize heat?

Talking about fire, you want to ensure that you do not have a hot fire right under the food that you would want to spin. Many of the items you will be working with will be quite large and hence, they will get close to the fire. If you are making use of a charcoal grill, you will need to start the fire right around the edges so that it will overlap the food with a few inches but will have no coals directly below it. If you are making use of a gas grill, then you would want to keep the burners very low. Put a pan under your food to avoid any fire and stay at a safe distance from direct heat. If you plan on using charcoal, then you would probably have to keep adding more coals every thirty minutes.

Placement of Your Rotisserie

Placement of your commercial rotisserie machine is absolutely crucial for you to get good results. It is of utmost importance that you pay very close attention to the security and balance of your rotisserie. You should get in the habit of putting the meat right in the middle of the rotisserie skewer. You should then fasten it as tightly as you can. If you are preparing some poultry item, then be sure to secure its legs and wings as firmly as possible. If you leave the parts loose, so they flop around when the rotisserie turns, then it can get burned and it can even throw you off balance.

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