Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes

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Plastic pipes are used for the supply of water in all types of drainage systems. The use of plastic pipe network has increased extensively after the use of metal and concrete pipes has discarded off. The manufacturing of plastic pipes and fittings is being done on a large scale as these are used widely. Wastage of water is an important issue in today’s world and most of the wastage is done due to the unnecessary leakage of water through the flow lines.

Need for Plastic Pipes

In recent times, plastic plumbing pipes have majorly come in use. For industrial as well as the residential purposes, synthetic plastic pipes are used. Earlier, metal pipes were used in drainage systems. It has been observed that the condition of metal pipes and plumbing fittings deteriorated after prolonged period of time. Apart from corrosion and abrasions, there were many other problems which made metal pipelines a bad option for water transportation. Polyvinyl chloride pipes are used in drainage systems; these are further divided into two types and that is UPVC & CPVC pipe.

Why Should CPVC Pipes Be Implemented In Drainage Systems?

CPVC pipes are used mostly because they enable the flow of drinking water through them without any risk of contamination. Plumbing pipes which are made up of PVC are efficient in working as these pipes are light-weight. Being light in weight makes these pipes easier to transport and install. Their installation is in comparison convenient; metal pipes are heavier and it is difficult to carry them from one place to another. The installation of metal pipes is also an issue as their heavy-weight posed a problem.

Low cost

The manufacturing of metal pipes is an expensive process. The manufacturing of plastic pipes is inexpensive and requires lesser capital investment than the metal pipes. Metal pipes and plumbing fittings are costlier but CPVC pipe price is lesser which makes them cost-effective. CPVC pipe price is cheaper and thus, it is largely implemented. Its low cost makes it cost-effective too.

Chlorinated water supply

CPVC pipes are chlorinated and chlorination makes these pipes flow drinking water through them. In most of the metal pipes, chlorinated water posed a problem as it made the water contaminated because of the reaction between metal and chlorine present in water. CPVC plumbing pipes do not have a problem of corrosion with them.

High strength and flexible

The strength of metal pipes was invariably high but plastic plumbing pipes are flexible too, which makes it convenient to implement wherever they are required. Plastic plumbing pipes and fittings are flexible and strong which carry out the flow of water through them without any hassle.

Temperature resistant

CPVC pipes are made resistant to a wide range of temperature. Even at higher temperatures, these pipes can supply water through them properly which makes these pipes a better option over other pipes.


These pipes unlike metal and concrete pipes do not promote the growth of microbes and bacteria in them. As these are made microbe resistant, water is not contaminated and doesn’t make the water unsuitable for drinking.

CPVC plumbing pipes and fittings are a better choice over conventional metal, clay, concrete pipes etc. It is cost efficient as CPVC pipe price is lower than metal pipes and these have proven out to be efficient in their functioning too. With no leakage and waste of water, these pipes can deliver water hygienically.

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