Can Hotel Property Management Software Help Hotels Prepare For The Digital Revolution?

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

Customers are attracted to modern hotels for a variety of reasons, including the quality of customer service, the amenities available, the property's aesthetic, and hotel technology. Consumer expectations are changing in this post covid era, and you need to make the best of technology, including using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Best Hotel Management Software and more to fulfill their expectations. You need to embrace the digital revolution and do everything in your power to keep your guests happy and assure them that traveling to your hotel property is worth their time and effort.

Importance of In-room Hotel Technology
The concept of "business as usual" in the hotel sector is rapidly changing. It used to be sufficient to use generic services, but things are different now; today, guests are increasingly looking for customized solutions from hotels to ensure their specific needs are met. The development of the internet community also means that competition is fierce. Therefore, if hotels want to keep returning customers, they need to use the technology and resources at their disposal. The use of hotel technology is becoming increasingly important, and this trend is anticipated to continue. Let's now look at upcoming and interesting in-room hotel technology trends that will help you prepare for the digital revolution.

Top 5- In-room Hotel Technology Trends

Room Service Apps are what people want
Gone are the days of giant menus and weird small talk of customer phone calls; now is the time for ordering room service the same way you order a cab- through an app on your phone. Hotels are increasingly providing web-based room service apps for both computers and mobile devices through which guests can either log on to the hotel website or scan a QR code on their nightstand to expedite the procedure. All your guests have to do from there is go through the menu, press a few buttons, and voila their order to be delivered to their rooms,

No Contact- Digital Keys for easy access to rooms
Mobile access for electronic locks is becoming increasingly popular among hotels for a variety of reasons. Mobile applications that let guests check-in and out of a hotel room directly are more convenient for guests and increase visitor satisfaction. Many hotels allow guests to bypass the front desk check-in line entirely and proceed straight to their rooms. Mobile access enhances efficiency for hotel management since workers don't have to restore a misplaced room key because the guest's key is on their phones. It's smart, it's convenient, and it's what your guest wants.

Voice Search to Control Lights, Room Temperature and more
The popularity of Alexa, Siri's and other home devices show how far voice search mechanisms have come in the last several years. In hospitality, not only do these technologies give more in-depth responses, but they can also be used to supplement existing hotel technology much more quickly. This makes a lot of sense in a hands-free world. Brands like Angie are bringing the room temperature game up a level with voice and touchscreen interfaces that lend a sleek, modern vibe to one of the most crucial elements of any hotel environment. For example, built-in sensors can detect when a person has been out of the room for a long time; sensors in the system can lower the lights, control the temperature, and conserve energy. Plus, it's a lot more convenient not to have to get up in the middle of the night to set the thermostat since you can simply say your wish, and these smart devices will take care of it.

IoT Connectivity for a futuristic experience
"Smart" technology appears to have become an inextricable part of our daily life, and its significance has not gone unnoticed in the hotel industry. Automated check-in, customized ambient settings within each room, Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless data connectivity are all becoming more prevalent. Imagine being able to continue the Netflix documentary on your hotel's smart TV with lights and temperature of the room exactly to your liking. The ultimate objective is to provide guests a completely personalized experience. All this is connected with your hotel software so all extra services are automatically calculated and added to the guest's final bill.This will assist in strengthening the hotel's brand identity. As a result, they will be more inclined to give positive reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, recommend your hotel to their friends and even become returning guests.

Hotel Robots are the next big thing
Robotics is one of the most intriguing hotel technology trends since it is a continually evolving technology. There are already examples of hotels that utilize robots to greet visitors upon arrival or provide hotel information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, the applications have now expanded well beyond this. Hotel robots have the ability to help with housekeeping tasks like vacuuming floors and eliminating germs, which is essential for keeping your hotel Covid compliant. Hotel robots are also used for security which is cheaper than human guards. Some hotels also use robots to handle baggage, provide room service, and wait in restaurants as well. Hotel Robots are definitely the future of hospitality. It is also a technology that is expected to grow in the next few years as robots become more dependable and better prepared to enhance performance over time, thanks to the rapid expansion of the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in every sector.

Without a doubt, all these cutting-edge hotel technologies are here to stay. These five examples should help hoteliers and their guests understand what to anticipate months from the hospitality industry in the future. Hotels must be ready to adopt these new approaches if they expect to keep a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital industry, providing unparalleled levels of convenience and flexibility.

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