Call Center Outsourcing Is Much Better Than Investing In-House Call Centers

by Kumud Dixit Seo Expert
For a long time outsourcing was looked upon as a bad thing. Companies used to be worried about handing over the vital details of their customers to a vendor that they hardly new. Lack of trust was the primary reason for companies shying away from call center outsourcing prospects. However, nowadays, with competition becoming ever so intense, businesses are looking to maximize their potential in terms of expertise and financial returns. At the same time, call center outsourcing is becoming more trustworthy than ever before because of the emergence of newer players in the market.

Finding the Right Company for Call Center Outsourcing

These newer outsourcing companies have built their reputation after spending number of years providing reliable services. Hence, the interest in outsourcing ventures has risen once again.  There are a number of factors that make call center outsourcing a better option than starting your own in-house call center:

Call Center Agents

  • Currency exchange rate – A company that is located in a country with a low currency value than your country immediately provides financial gains in an outsourcing venture. As an estimate, the per hour cost of an average call center agent working from the US is equal to the whole-day costing of a call center agent providing the same services from India. This estimate clearly shows the value of currency exchange rate and why it should be an important consideration before outsourcing a call center.

  • Access to infrastructure – Most reputed call center outsourcing companies in India and China have quality infrastructure built for housing call center agents. Building the same infrastructure in countries such as the US and UK is very costly. Hence, it makes good business sense to outsource call center to a company with pre-built infrastructure.

  •  Technical expertise and call center etiquettes – Training a workforce in a particular process and call center etiquettes is a time consuming task. Not only it drains out an entrepreneur’s energy, it also shifts his focus away from core tasks. On the other hand, a call center outsourcing company already has access to a workforce with good technical expertise. Employees in such companies already know the tricks of the trade and have good call center etiquettes.  By outsourcing, you get immediate results, which would not have been possible by starting an in-house call center.

  • Ease of scaling – Even if you manage to start your call center operations in-house and receive early success, the chances are you won’t be able to scale your call center according to your business growth. It is hard to hire and fire employees at a moment’s notice. On the other hand, call center outsourcing companies in Asian countries like India have a perennial supply of workforce. It would be much easier to scale the call center operations as per requirement.

  •  Better analysis – A lot of accomplished outsourcing call center companies have access to cutting-edge CRMs and call center software. These software solutions not only help in taking calls, but they can also be used for analyzing customer behavior. By analyzing customer behavior, companies gain useful insights that can be used for adding value to the product or services. For an in-house call center, it might be too illogical to invest in such expensive software.

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