Bring Home Fully Trained Dogs For Sale Or Teach Them Yourself

by Kindery Mills Kindery Mills

There are many such dog breeds which are naturally protective and watchful. In most cases, their bark proves sufficient enough to inform their owners about unusual occurrences. The noise they make is generally enough to deter any trespasser. Besides, it isn't mandatory for you to treat a dog in a particular manner to make it overly aggressive. If you are cruel to the creature, then it will end up being aggressive towards you and others alike. When it bites someone innocent, then you will be the one in trouble. You should never try to train out of control or fearful dogs. These pooches may not respond appropriately in non-threatening circumstances.

  1. Socialization: So, if you are thinking about training a dog by yourself, then this topic will prove to be handy. First of all, you need to teach your four-legged protector to be sociable. Unless they understand the differences between normal situations and threats, they won't be able to provide protection. They may even bite someone due to the lack of sociability. Training dogs can be quite tricky, and so, you should consider adopting fully trained dogs for sale. 
  2. Obedience training: You should enroll your puppy to obedience classes as early as possible. Fully trained dogs for sale which provide family protection also undergo obedience courses. Everything has to be under your control if you want your pooch to be proficient at providing security. The purpose of obedience training is serious, but the dog must enjoy it. You must remember that dogs need rewards when they do perform a task correctly. Conversely, you should avoid punishing them for their mistakes. 
  3. Following commands: You have to teach them to cease barking as soon as you command them. Otherwise, they will continue to bark incessantly and at everybody. Teach your pooch to bark on command, and they give them a treat for their effort. Follow it by ordering them to keep quiet and throw them another gift if they listen. Eventually, you will be the one controlling the dog's bark. 
  4. Announcing arrival: Now you have to teach your dog to bark and announce the arrival of strangers. You can do that by creating and recreating scenes of people walking in. They should start barking as soon as they see an unknown individual. Similarly, they should stop when you command them to do so. Make sure that they don't develop this habit away from home. They should remain unconcerned about friendly and neutral strangers. 
  5. Increase their alertness: You can build your pooch's sharpness by playing a game. Ask someone whom the dog doesn't know, to act as an intruder. They will force their way into your house. When the dog starts barking, the mock-intruder should look at the protector and then run away. Praise the dog if it executes your command to the letter. However, you shouldn't let your pooch chase the fleeing intruder. When you praise the dog for its deeds, it will help in boosting its confidence.

The final tip

Lastly, put a collar around your protector's neck and explore the perimeter of your house with the dog. Doing so allows the dog to understand how far your territory extends. You should never let your dog bark at people who are outside your property. Finally, teach your pal never to chase people under any circumstances.


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