Blastocyst Culture: Things You Should Know

by Shivani Sachdev Director at SCI IVF Hospital
An IVF treatment has several stages, and one of those is blastocyst culture. Once you will get to know that you are going through that phase, then you will not be there in front of that. Both the gametes will be there and the embryologist will do the fertilization. After that, he or she will start culturing the Blastocyst. For the IVF centre in Delhi that you will choose you to need to make sure that they will go through this particular stage as well. This is really one of the most important phases that will help you to get more success rate.

What is Blastocyst
Before you know some details about this one, you need to know what is blastocyst. This is basically a 5 or 6 days old human embryo. So, you need to know a bit details about this one. Once the embryologist will fertilize the egg with sperm, it will become an embryo. Then it will start producing more cells. There will be 2-3 cells on day two, and 6-8 cells on day three. After that, it will start producing cells at a rapid speed. Once it will become 5 or 6 days old with a lot of cells it will become a blastocyst.

Importance of Blastocyst
While you will go for an IVF treatment, it will be best, if you will go for blastocyst culture. You can transfer a 2 or 3-day embryo, but fertility centre will always recommend a blastocyst culture. So, it is really important for you to know all the importance of this one as well.
  • This is better than a 2 or 3-day embryo in terms of success rate
  • The chances of getting pregnant will be higher
  • The number of cells in this one is a lot more than a 3-day embryo so you need to go for this one
  • Blastocyst is even more perfect and straightforward option for transfer
  • It will make the whole process lot ease in an optimal time period

Is It Always Important to Go for The Blastocyst?
Once you will choose the IVF specialist doctor in Delhi for you, he or she will be able to decide which is the most perfect option for you. If all the history, conditions, age, and all other factors will require the blastocyst culture and implantation, then you need to go for that. Though is it not at all necessary, and if the doctor will find that it will be perfect with a day 3 embryo, then you don’t require a blastocyst. If the embryo transfer will be safer or that will be the only option then there will be no blastocyst culture at all.

Does Blastocyst Really Increase the Rate of Success?
Ideally, if you will require an answer for this in one word, then it will be yes. For all the age groups the success rate with blastocyst transfer is 20% more than embryo transfer. As this will have more cells so the chance of success will grow. You will be able to conceive with that. Also, a healthy blastocyst will produce cells at a rapid speed. So, the success chance will also increase for you.

If you will go to any of the fertility clinic in Delhi, then the doctor will check you and will explain if you require a blastocyst culture Centre in Delhi or not. Also, this one has more success rate, and you won’t require further treatment cycles as well. This will save your time, cost, and patience as well. You can visit SCI IVF Hospital to get better treatment for your upcoming infertility issues.

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