Best Time Management Techniques Highly Recommended by Experts

by Nina P. Digital Marketing

Time Management, according to us, means utilizing time in such a way that we finish the tasks that will bring us closer to our overall goals within a set of time. We all have 24 hours in a day, however, the difference that makes or breaks a person is the management of this time and we are all struggling for it. You should know how you are spending and making time for work, family, health, or whatever your current goals are as they can be achieved only with consistency.

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The internet is flooded with many time management techniques that might help you to manage time but not all of them are affective. Using the time management techniques mentioned below will assist you in becoming more productive, efficient and assist you to make time for many things in life that are essential but most people struggle with like spending time with family, planning a vacation, focusing on health, and many more, however, it is always beneficial to use a time tracking application for better results.

Plan your day in the morning or the night before. This has been proven the best and most effective time management technique in which you will have to plan your day in advance in the form of a to-do list or maintain a journal/planner or make notes. This way, you are well aware of the time you have to give to each important task and cover them all by the end of the day. Many people use this technique to manage time and do significant tasks. This is especially for the people who lose track of time and then end up stuck in a loop where the rest of the errands are left for tomorrow.

Limit email intake and social media. When the world is moving towards digitalization, we very well know that all of us have become slaves of our mobile phones and obsessed with social media and emails. In a survey, it was observed that an average employee spends 30 hours in a week checking emails! Shocking, isn’t it? And don’t even get us started on the social media that is no longer limited to youth, each and every age group actively participate in social media trends and spend hours on it. It has now become a thirst that can never be quenched.

In order to manage this time spend on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, one has to limit his/her time to fixed maximum hours and not exceed it. It might take a while to become habitual but always remember, “good things take time”. When it comes to email, reply only to the ones that are important, that need immediate attention, and leave the rest for breaks so that time you spend on it decreases. Make sure that you mark unimportant emails as “spam” or get those email IDs unsubscribed so that they don’t waste your valuable time.

Find your productive hours. It is true that everyone has their own time or hours in which they are the most productive, some are night owl whereas other are early birds. If you are a night owl, you should use this time to work and find out whether you are most productive at night or not. This way, you can save a lot of time that would have been wasted on procrastinating the tasks you were meant to do. Once you discover these hours, try to work at the same time and build a habit. This will give you the time to do other things without getting stuck. You can also use time tracking applications to track your output after finding the time when you are most effective.

Prioritise significant tasks. Time management is done in order to accomplish tasks that are vital or else it is just a waste of effort, hence, it is really essential to know your priorities and complete them before others. Once they are done, you will have a sense of accomplishment within you which will motivate you to complete trivial tasks and create a workflow throughout the day. This will also help you to become efficient and increase discipline. Hence, one should prioritise important tasks and do them first, many times tracking applications provide you with this service and also give reminders.

Take breaks. If you think that working consistently will bring you more benefits, you are wrong! You will just be draining the mental peace that will ultimately hamper your work. Hence, it is important to take breaks and freshen up your mind.

There is a technique called “Pomodoro Technique” wherein you should do things that will totally refresh your mind like going for a walk, reading a chapter, spending time with your loved ones, meditating for a while, or even stream videos or watch web series for a precise time. This will not only give you a kick start but also flood your mind with great ideas and thoughts. This can even work when you are in the office as you are entitled to take breaks there as well.

We hope that the above techniques help you to attain full productivity out of your day and even help you to improve if necessary.­

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