How Journaling Can Increase Your Productivity?

by Nina P. Digital Marketing

It is true that technology has made our lives easier, however, a few of them have also become a distraction from important tasks. While some applications like employee monitoring or time tracking will allow you to schedule your day, many others like social media applications or mobile games can distract and drag you off the track. There are a lot of methods that have visibly proven to increase productivity, within a given period, of people who track their days to get the most out of it and journaling is one of them.  

So, what is journaling? A journal is a physical log notebook in which you need to write important tasks of life or work, hence, the journaling method is a logging system that is designed to track the past, organize the present, and design the future. It is a combination of a notebook, a task manager, and a calendar. Let us see how journaling can increase your productivity and improve your life. 

1. Organize Your Work with Journal 

Organizing your work means noting down your tasks for the day from the most important to the lesser ones. By doing it, you will have clarity of your schedule and your focus will automatically increase, hence, more productivity. Through journaling and other time management methods, you can successfully eliminate digital distractions that are responsible for decreasing overall productivity. Writing your goals, projects, and regular tasks, not only improves productivity but also is also effective in critical thinking, memory recall, and conceptual understanding. 

Journaling is not just limited to tracking your time, though it; you can also track your goals and projects by managing your tasks on daily basis. Consistency is extremely essential to gain optimum results even in time management. 

2. Organize Your Health & Fitness in a Journal 

Another great way to track your workouts and plan your meals is by noting them down every day so that you can visibly see the progress. There are a lot of people who plan their workouts consciously after their jobs, however, the work never ends, and they never find time for it. As a result, they are stuck in this vicious cycle and the only way to get out of it is through journaling it. When you see your diet plans and exercise in between your commitments, it becomes easier to keep on track and follow the schedule. IT can also help you track what you eat in a day and how long and often you exercise. 

You can use your journal as a meal planner, exercise tracker, food diary, or even a sleep tracker and get closer to your fitness and health goals. 

3. Journal for Mental Health 

Many people are in the habit of maintaining a dairy already wherein they can write their hearts out at the end of the day without being judged or frowned upon. They can be completely honest and as a result, they do not have any baggage of unattended emotions for the next day. This is an amazing habit to keep up with your emotions and maintain positive mental health, moreover, it is recommended by many psychologists as well. It surely helps you to heal if you are emotionally unstable and gain control of your mental thoughts. 

If you are stable emotionally and have good mental health, your productivity in your work-life will automatically increase as you will be completely focused. Not only productivity, but workplace mindfulness will also assist you in being empathic towards your co-workers, will make you determined to achieve your daily goals, increase your work memory, will make you feel motivated, more accurate forecasting and so much more. 

In this way, even if you are dealing with stress and anxiety in your personal life, it will not be reflected in your work which ultimately will not hamper your productivity either. You can let this journal be whatever you want that supports your mental health like a gratitude journal, a daily diary of course, or a mood journal. 

4. Habit Tracking 

One of the most popular modules for a Journal is a habit tracker. Tracking your habits can be very helpful on a personal level and can also have a significant impact on your work life and productivity. If you study the lives of successful people, you will come to know that they do not accidentally do the right things at the right time every day. They build positive habits like reading, cooking, etc., and make time for them in their schedules. Even their waking and sleeping timings are fixed because of journaling and they take it very seriously to utilize every second of their time productively while they are awake. 

5. Keep Track of Your Best Ideas 

It has been rightly said that some of the best ideas will come to you in unexpected moments of inspiration. The problem is that the ideas only live as long as you can support them in your memory which is quite short if you have a lot of things in your mind along with a hectic schedule like most of us. Eventually, you will forget them unless you write them down. 

Journals can give you a way to record your ideas, thoughts, and inspirations in a trusted manner so that they never get lost or you do not waste time remembering them. In fact, your journal will become a written record of the best thinking on your life and work, and your ideas will always be there for reference and planning of the future. 

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