Benefits of Hiring Micro-Influencers

by Nina P. Digital Marketing

Micro-influencers are trending these to reach a high number of users are they have an immense number of followers. They are a great way to connect with the audience with required interests that are even highly engaging. You or your company can hire such influencers to promote your product, service, business, or even to increase your followers. Here, we are focusing on micro-influencers as they are definitely going to be easy on your pocket as compared to big celebrities and macro-influencers. 

You can start by simply looking for the correct influencer who can provide you with the appropriate audience that will be interested in the service or product you are offering and then contact their manager or drop an official email. In this article, we have mentioned the benefits that a business can attain through micro-influencers, so here we go.

Genuine Content

Instead of spending money on celebrities who don’t use your product, you can gift it to micro-influencers who are genuinely a fan of it so that they can share their experience with the audience. This practice will make sure that the audience is convinced by their authenticity and honesty and the promotion does not look fake.

High return on investment

The best part about micro-influencers is that they provide higher returns in a very low-cost module, making them so popular amongst marketers these days. The fan following, they have is highly trusted and engaging working with them will tend to enhance the reach of your business vigorously. They can even help a business to build its foundation not only by width but also by depth.

Real audience connection

This has been seen that collaborating with micro-influencers is more optimum and yield as compared to macro-influencers and celebrities because they might have a smaller audience but they are evidently more engaging and active. These days, people prefer a more personalised experience 


Hiring a micro-influencer means getting access to their followers who are already interested in the product or service your business is offering (if you have selected the correct person, of course!). Their followers are very loyal to them and hang on to every word that their influencers say, which means, your product/service will also get access to that loyalty. You can also give a little personal touch by letting them know how much you enjoy their content.

Access to audience insights

In order to make your campaign successful, you should align your goals with the influencer, such as, ask them how they can get the best responses according to their previous experiences and make the most authentic and real as possible. This marketing technique can be topped up with others like customized promo codes. Leaving everything on the influencer may give you good results, however, if you work as a team with them, the results will be even better and impactful.

Intimate social conversations

Once you start working with micro-influencers, you and your brand will be able to indulge in social conversations that are much more intimate than usual conversations. This is because the community you are addressing has a higher level of trust and engagement and sponsorship allows the micro-influencers to share their personal experience. Therefore, it is really important for you to find the correct influencer as per your brand.

Increased traffic and sales

With time, people have started admiring reviews and experiences of micro-influencers instead of celebrity influencers due to their genuineness and they are also suitable for businesses of all sizes. The content they offer to their views is very trustworthy and original, hence, working with them can drive your sales and traffic up and the same can also be tracked by performance-based analytics like CPA. Your revenue will drastically grow if you work as a partner.


You can transfer the trustworthiness that the influencer’s audience has to your brand by simply hiring them to promote it. You should encourage them to become the fresh face of your brand by asking them to post reviews with complete honesty in such a way that the audience trusts the brand.

Creative partnership

Before selecting the influencer, you should make sure that he/she is a perfect fit for your brand so that they can act as a collaborative and creative partner for your brand. While they are cost-efficient, they can also make a huge impact in the eyes of viewers. The relationship you build with them should be more of a long-term partnership instead of just a promotional campaign so that the progress you make is ongoing instead of a one-time thing.

Open conversation through comments

You should always be open to feedback and when it comes to social media, this can be done through the comment section. While most people refer to this as “noise”, you should be the one who finds innovation and ideas from this noise. Make keen notes of authentic comments and review hashtags for your business.

Passive approach

A small but more passionate audience can be reached through micro-influencers which lack in big campaigns or promotions through macro-influencers or celebrities. Be as creative as you can when you deal with this kind of audience, like tailoring special offers for them so that they are bound to become interested. The offer should be captivating and feel organic so that it can be embraced.

Word of mouth

Nowadays, micro influencer’s reviews or experience is as real as a friend to their followers, hence, good reviews spread like wildfire from followers to the followers of follower. The engagement rates are extremely high within this audience. Not only you are saving money but you are also using another person’s niche market to promote your brand. You do not even have to test this as many studies have been carried out to prove affirmative results on this topic. Sharing product/service reviews on social media in today’s time is a great way to give a kick-start to your brand and making a personal connection with the users.

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