Best Pokemon to Catch Before Each New Gym in Pokemon Red & Blue

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The fondness that gamers have shown towards Pokemon is commendable. One of the oldest Pokemon games is Pokemon Red & Blue. This game is often considered as the foundation for today’s video games such as Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Go. While a lot of aspects in the Pokemon games have transformed; however, the aspect of challenging the gym trainer is consistent.

Best Pokemon to Catch Before Each New Gym in Pokemon Red & Blue

Gamers have to choose among the top six Pokemon to beat the gym leaders, which is where the real trouble comes. Players find it quite confusing to select the Pokemon and gather them in a team of six. Below we have provided a proper list of best Pokemon in the world of Pokemon Red & Blue.


Cloyster is precisely one of the best Pokemon in the game. His ice-type abilities can easily shatter the confidence of any Pokemon. Cloyster is more potent against ground-type Pokemon. If the gamers are keen to use the capabilities of Cloyster, they could go with the option of evolving it into Shellder. There are various moves that Shellder can execute, such as Water Stone, Super Rod, and Ice Beam. Gamers who are willing to take down Giovanni and his executives must include Cloyster in their top six lineups.


The name of the Pokemon speaks about its fabulous and cruel abilities. During the gym battles, players face Blaine, a famous gym leader who believes in the potency of fire-type Pokemon. Gamers, when challenging the Blaine, are required to have a good water-type Pokemon on their side and that’s where players will find Tentacruel useful. Gamers can easily find Tentacruel in the Route 21 region. There is no limit for the attacks of Tentacruel and there are various powerful moves that he can execute to thrash out its opponent out of the arena. In case Blaine uses his Charizard or Moltres, then players have to evolve Tentacruel into Tentacool to take down both.


In the famous anime series, we often saw Ash trying to seek Tauros; however, he missed catching it all the time. Most gamers didn’t know that Tauros is a psychic-type Pokemon and can execute various powerful Psychic attacks. Gamers need to know that Tauros is vulnerable to bug-type Pokemon, and whenever players see a gym leader with these types, they must use another alternative. Even though Tauro’s psychic abilities are not powerful, Alakazam still has the skill to quickly defeat ghost and ground-type Pokemon.


The fifth gym leader that gamers will face is Koga, and he has the companionship of various poison-type Pokemon. The best option that can be used is Kadabra because he is one of the most resilient against poison-type Pokemon. There are numerous psychic moves that Kadabra can execute to dodge and hit the poison-types of Koga. Gamers who are facing difficulty in catching Kadabra can catch Abra and later evolve him into Kadabra. Although various other Pokemon are strong against poison-type moves, the ease Kadabra finds in handling them is hard to find.


Erika is another gym leader who gamers have to fight, and she uses her set of grass-type Pokemon. There are various Pokemon available in the game that can easily take down Erika’s grass-types. However, it would still take a lot from the gamers to beat her. Thus, we suggest Flareon, the best option to take down Erika in no time. Gamers have to move towards the Celadon Mansion, and there they will get an Eevee as a reward. After that, players can use the Fire Stone to evolve Eevee into Flareon.


The next and one of the hardest Gym leaders that gamers will fight is Lt. Surge. His favorites are the electric-type Pokemon, and his most frequently used Pokemon is Raichu. The Pokemon is so well developed that with its one Thunderbolt move, he can thrash the gamers Pokemon out of the arena. Thus, we advise players to go with the option of Dugtrio, a ground-type Pokemon that can easily absorb electricity. Gamers need to move to the Vermillion region where they can find the caves of Diglett, and afterwards, they need to catch any one of them. After that, they can evolve it into Dugtrio.


The Pokemon is considered a popular choice among gamers because, in the anime series, Butterfree is the first Pokemon that Ash catches. Even though Butterfree is feeble against rock-type Pokemon, gamers can easily use her against bug-type Pokemon. Players can obtain a Butterfree in their team by catching up with a Caterpie first in the Viridian Forest and evolving it to Metapod. It eventually evolves into Butterfree.


There was a point in the anime series where Ash had to fight Misty. We all know Misty is fond of water-type Pokemon, and Starmie is her ideal choice. The best Pokemon that can be used against Misty is a grass-type. We advise gamers to go with Bellsprout, and if players are facing issues in finding him, they can catch Oddish. Later they can evolve it into Bellsprout.

This concludes the list of the best Pokemon that can be used against gym leaders in Pokemon Red & Blue.


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