Best Netflix Movies Every Sci-Fi Lover Should Watch

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It’s not necessary to be a top scorer at science in school to enjoy and understand its magic. Science, when combined with fiction, never fails to take the viewers through a roller coaster ride of mystic experiences. Whether it is Harry Potter or Star Wars, sci-fi as a genre has always made a special place in the hearts of the viewers. The beautiful ways in which scientific technicalities are mixed with fictional theories are the epitome of fine art. And where there is art, Netflix jumps in. The streaming service always comes top in the list of fresh content providers. With exceptionally well-curated storylines, it always brings the best characters to life.

Good news for sci-fi lovers is that the streaming service is all set to gift some thrilling sci-fi movies! Have a look.

1. Okja

Don’t go by the weird name. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, the film is designed to give you some real adventures. Just like any other film with adventure, this too does not fall short of blockbuster action. If you have a tender heart, please keep your tissue boxes handy.

2. Under the skin

Some pieces are hard to define in words, and this is one of them. The main protagonist is played by Scarlett Johansson. It might have been interesting for her to play the character of an alien. What if you get to know that an alien wants to know the secrets of your planet?

3. The Lobster

What if the government declares a threat to the lives of single people? It sounds weird, but this is actually the core plot of the movie. All single men are stuck in a state wherein they need to find a suitable partner within 45 days, or else they will be turned into a lobster. Funny, creepy, weird, but surely a must-watch.

4. Incredibles 2

If you have a crazy family, you must watch this animated one.

Helen quits his superpowers and finds a decent job for his family. But, the superpowers didn’t quit on him. In reality, the complete family isn’t made to lead a simple life. They have a different calling.

5. Back to the Future

What is the most common dream of a sci-fi lover? Yes, it’s to jump in the time machine. Marty Mc has a tough life handling his school and family life. He finds a companion in Doc (Christopher Lloyd) who has a fishy image in town. He tests his time machine and Marty, and it worked!! Marty went back to 1955 but wants to come back to the present now. Will he come back? Find out.

6. A Ghost Story

Sad story alert! When a fantastic musician dies, he becomes a ghost. Stuck in time, the poor ghost tries hard to talk to the love of her life. As the spirit hovers in the air, it finds itself helpless to act. Listen to the sorrows of the ghost.

7. About Time

What is your family secret? Well, young Tim Lakes’s secret is unbelievable. Another exciting time travel piece of writing, the story gives a rom-com taste to sci-fi. But it is not fun you see; Tim may have won the heart of his lady, but he can’t solve all issues with time travel.

8. Minority Report

Do you have those spying skills? If yes, then this one is for you. The cops now have the power to arrest murderers before they commit a crime, but our hero Tom Cruise is in trouble. He is the head of the police but is obliged to accuse himself of a murder he will commit in the future. The strange part is, he hasn’t met the victim yet. Don’t miss this classic piece.

9. Advantageous

How far can a mother go for her child? Let’s find out. Gwen sells cosmetic products but barely manages to earn a good amount. Running in peanuts, she fails to fulfill the desires of her daughter. She undergoes a body-swapping procedure that would change her physical looks forever. But, the process isn’t a painless one. Don’t miss on this underrated storyline. Just don’t.

10. Her

Can a voice assistant be the love of an introvert’s life? While the introvert is hesitant to share his miseries with the world, he develops a sweet relation with his virtual voice assistant, which eventually helps him leave all the miseries behind. Her brings in a new script that will surely leave you smiling. Just relax on a couch and enjoy watching Her.

The beautiful 10 Sci-Fi’s are surely going to give you different angles to view life. Happy binge-watching!

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