Best Marketing Resources All Businesses Must Be Aware Of

by Vartika Kashyap CMO

The Internet has provided an insane amount of agency to all to reach all. Anyone can create a stir from any corner of the world with the internet. This has taken the business world by storm. New startups are coming on the scene because people know they can reach out, they can market and propose value effectively via marketing resources.

So Marketing resources have been instrumental in bringing exposure, information, engagement, and profits. They are the backbone of any business to succeed.

This article will guide you through the importance, types, selection, and relevance of different types of marketing resources.

What are marketing resources?

A marketing resource is anything that introduces your business to customers and helps you bring more leads to your sales funnel.

Your sales funnel begins with the process of creating awareness about your product or service among people. There will be people who will be interested in your products or services after knowing about it and finally some of them would want to buy your product or service. 

If you have a large number of potential customers in the beginning, you will have relatively great conversions by the end of your sales funnel.

How to choose your marketing resources?

It is a myth that an expensive marketing resource will bring more potential customers. Different marketing resources produce different results for different businesses. Making a marketing plan is very important before choosing your marketing resources. 

I will say that your marketing plan is your first and foremost marketing resource. Why?

Because, through your marketing resources, you aim to reach your customers. But, identifying who your target customers are and which medium will work best to reach them is an important aspect of your marketing plan.

You should choose a marketing resource that is not heavy on the pocket as per your business.

Your marketing resources should be continuous, dynamic and driven by what your customers want.

Different types of marketing resources.

  1. Blogs

Blogs are the best way to stay updated on the latest marketing trends and strategies.


Hubspot is just the right place to learn about the best practices of inbound marketing, email marketing and content marketing.

It is a powerful platform to stay up to date on the trends and strategies in the digital world. 

Search Engine Land

Search engine land blog provides important related to search engines focussing primarily on SEO. It keeps readers informed about the latest changes or trends of Google Algorithms. 

The latest predictions and best practices in the realm of SEO, SEM, Mobile, and local search marketing, email marketing are updated here regularly.

Google Ads Blog

You can find the most relevant and detailed articles on all the topics related to the discipline of digital marketing on Google Ads Blog.

Though Google Ads remains the primary focus, it serves well to the other aspects of digital marketing. It is always useful to know what the big G is thinking.

  1. Marketing courses

Google Analytics Academy 

The knowledge of website performance analytics is important to understand how successful your marketing efforts are. 

Google Analytics Academy offers you beginners as well as advanced courses to make you an ultimate expert in the game of numbers in the marketing world. You can learn all about the Google tools at this one place.

Neil Patel courses

Being a marketer, you must be aware of who Neil Patel is. He is a marketing Guru with an incredibly high amount of organic traffic on his site. He has been hired by many fortune 500 companies for various marketing programs.

You can get a dip into the knowledge pool of this legendary marketer by subscribing to his digital marketing courses where he teaches the tactics that he uses for marketing.

Copyblogger marketing course

The Copyblogger marketing course is a great choice to learn about content marketing, SEO, copywriting, keyword research and more.

You get this course via emails, so you are not bogged down by too much information all at once.

3. Marketing project management tools

Marketing is a tedious job. There are many people or teams of people are involved in marketing for various platforms and mediums. So, a management solution to streamline your marketing process becomes an important resource.


ProofHub is a management tool that can provide marketing teams with a single source of truth about roles and responsibilities and channelize communication and collaboration effortlessly.

Marketing teams can schedule and plan their projects and get clear visibility into the marketing processes using this versatile project management solution.


Chanty is a chat tool that can make your marketing team more productive and facilitate collaboration and communication. 

Another benefit of choosing a chat tool like Chanty by marketing teams is that marketing teams can quickly pass warm leads to sales teams so that they can nurture and convert such leads.

Time Doctor

Time management is crucial for marketing teams and Time Doctor ensures that. It gives managers clear visibility into the time spent by every individual on a task or project thus making future estimates on the management of time easier.

Time doctor helps teams focus better and it clearly demarcates which distractions took how much of your time. 


Zepel is an easy to use agile project management tool for software product teams. It’s built to let you view the progress of the work at all levels — from prioritizing features and tracking its progress, all the way till quickly creating user stories and tracking its progress.

Unlike other tools, Zepel lets you add multiple Boards inside a project and gives you a dedicated view for Sprints so you can examine each Sprint in detail. Needless to say, Zepel integrates with Slack and developer tools like GitHub, BitBucket, and Gitlab, so you can streamline your development process effortlessly.

4. Infographic makers

Infographics are important marketing tools as they are highly impactful for visual learners. The infographics work very well with the audience who like structured educational content that contains various kinds of text like video, audio, images, text, etc.

Some good infographic making resources are:


Venngage infographic maker is an excellent tool for marketers who want to represent their information in a creative way using infographics. You get a large number of templates to choose from to make infographics, social media images, reports, posters, etc.

The best part is that is is very easy to learn with almost zero learning curve. 


Canva is a good option for design and infographic making. Canva provides a variety of free templates to choose from while making your infographic. 

The highlighted feature is that you can create an infographic with Canva in a span of around 30 minutes.


Piktochart is another impressive tool for making infographics. You can create your own infographic from scratch or you can choose from the templates provided by the tool.

Piktochart is easy to use and provides you a step by step tutorial to follow if you are new to creating infographics.

5. Others


Matellio Inc. is one of the world’s leading provider of professional IT services. We enable the client across 107 countries to smoothly navigate their business to a result-oriented technology ecosystem. Our one-of-its-kind client-centric methodology helps the clients to envision, develop and grow with more efficient solutions that leaves behind a long-lasting impact. Having delivered more than 600 successful projects, we have established our feet as a leading IT partner for clients across geographies.

We hope that reading through this helped you build useful insight into the marketing resources that can help you do great in your marketing ventures. 


ClickFunnels allows you to create websites and build sales funnels that help boost business revenue. The drag and drop editor makes it possible to customize your website and position elements as you like.

For marketers, the sales funnels created on ClickFunnels help to generate leads, simplify the sales process for customers, and boost online sales. You can also utilize the follow-up funnels to connect or reconnect with your customers using targeted messages that you can send through emails, social media, and desktop notifications. ClickFunnels provides a simple dashboard to manage all your sales funnels from one single place without undergoing any difficulty.


PipeDrive is another great option for marketing professionals to gain better control of their sales process. With this platform, it is quite easy for you to get more leads and manage all of them easily using the dedicated leads inbox.

It also supports integration with chatbots, which is useful for targeting prospects who had earlier visited your business’s website and used the live chat to communicate with sales representatives. Additionally, you may find it interesting that PipeDrive is the cheapest ClickFunnels alternative available at the moment. However, unlike ClickFunnels, PipeDrive is not a website builder and you need to have a functioning website to start exploiting PipeDrive.

Tell us what tools you already use for marketing campaigns and how useful they have been.

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