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I'm actually painting on the blue background and that could be a problem later on it might be something you want or it could be a problem. So let me highly or one and you can see that we've actually edited the blue background and you might not want that you might want the internet marketing services to keep the background the same. So let's go ahead and undo those options. Just make sure that you always select the layer you want to edit on so if I want to paint more black at the bottom but I don't want to affect the actual background.
I need to make sure I have a layer selected and then I can paint down there and then when I hide it you can see it goes away because it's part of that layer. Now I can also delete this layer I can click and drag and move it down into digital marketing company lucknow the trashcan at the bottom I'll undo that or I can select it and then just hit the trashcan button and you ask me Do I want to delete the layer and I can hit. Yes. I can undo that or with it selected I can hit the delete button on the keyboard and I magically delete that out for me to another way to create a new layer.

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As some of the tools will actually automatically create layers for you. So, for instance, the type tool will create a new digital marketing company lucknow type layer it's a different type of layer that can be edited knowing that it's actually typing. So if I select the type tool and I'm gonna go ahead and pick a color at the top so it's black right now. Find out best results with 99Profile.
  • Let's go ahead and pick a brighter red color so we can see it. And then let's go ahead and make the point size a little bit larger because it's going to be hard to see we'll do forty-eight points and we can keep digital marketing company lucknow everything else the same. 
  • And we're just going to click out in the middle of the document I'm just going to change it to allow and I'm going to go ahead and select my move tool just so we don't see the type options anymore.
  • You can see it created a new layer called a Type layer in our layers panel. It actually named it whatever we typed in. So because we wrote hello it called it Hello. So now this type layer is a digital marketing company lucknow sitting on top of the background layer.
  • I have my move tool I can actually click and select and move this around. I don't have to use a selection tool because it's its own type layer. I can just click and move and as you can see when I move it around some of these lines start popping up.
  • These are guidelines to help tell you where the center of the document is or to help you line up other things. So let's say we want to go ahead and edit that type what we can do that we can go back to the type tool and if we click in the middle of that word there it gives us our type options back at the top.
  • Let's say we want to make it bigger. Well, we can't just change the size we have to select it all first. So just like any digital marketing company lucknow type of word document you can just click and drag and highlight and then go to the top and punch in a new size. So that was to maybe we need to go higher but you can see it only goes up to. 
  • Well you can type in any number you want so I can hit and I'll make it point type and let's say we want to center justify this so it's left justified right now. Go ahead pick the center. So now we're back in the center of the document. I'll pick the move tool and then I'll move it.

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  1. Facebook: Make sure we're centered back up here. So now we can see we have our read Hello layer on top of our blue background. And the example I told you earlier if this was construction paper and I put the blue piece of construction paper over the hello the red text then you won't see that.
  2. Instagram: So if I go down to the digital marketing company lucknow blue background you can click and drag these layers around and reorder them and actually reorder the way that you see them. So if I click on the blue background and I hold down you and I move it up you can see I'm actually moving that background now my hand changes and I can move it until I see a blue line that's above the hello type.
  3. LinkedIn: So once I see that I'm going to drop it and I've dropped that background on top of the type layer. So now it's the type layers being hidden because this is actually covering it up. If I hide the digital marketing company lucknow blue background you can see that the type is still there. I'm just laying a sheet of paper that's completely covering that type up so, for instance, I could do something as I could go to the race tool and we have a circle race. We know the type is somewhere right here. 
So if I race that layer you can see that I raced some of the blue backgrounds and revealed that type underneath. So if I hide the blue background there's my type if I bring it back. You can see what I raced and if I hide the type player you can see just the blue background as if I took internet marketing services scissors and say cut this out so I'm going to undo those. Skip back to where we were. I'm just going to keep heading controls your commands. So now let's go back to the type and we'll grab that and we'll move that back on top.

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