Benefits of personalized rubber stamps for your business

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In general, stamps are made up of a variety of materials and are being used since classical times. Rubber stamps, however, came in use after it’s invention in 1866.

It may seem outdated to a number of people, looking at this being 150-year-old, but people feel that this simple rubber is still a lot useful and can help them in a number of ways. Look around and Choose Dial A Stamp for your self-inking stamps, through our website.

Organize and label paperwork

It is undeniably correct in today’s world a lot of business records are saved in a computer as a soft copy. But despite that, still a lot of companies believe in keeping their records saved in printed papers which can cause a problem if you are holding a piece of paper, unaware of its position.

Paid? Faxed? Original or copy? Are just some of the questions you’ll find difficulty in answering yourself. Business rubber stamps are a smart solution to this problem. Even a one-word stamp such as, paid, faxed or copy can be an easy identifier regarding the status of any document at a glance.

This also eliminates the problem of reading someone else’s writing as a stamp will carry on with the same format from first one to the last which is very unlikely in handwritten work.

Rubber stamps save time:

You might be familiar with the hand cramps if you’ve ever gotten a huge stack of documents to sign and let’s be real, signing each one can also cause you a huge amount of time.

Using your signature in a personalized rubber stamp can make this easy to deal with. A signature stamp is one where you send in a copy of your signature to the stamp company and they replicate it onto the stamp. This saves a big amount of time as now, rather than signing the documents, you will just have to stamp them away. And as mentioned before, the sign will be clear and the same from first to last.

You can further take this to your advantage by handling your stamp to someone you trust and allow them to do the stamping. Make sure you trust the person enough that they won’t misuse the stamp.

Marketing and brand awareness:

You can put your company’s name or logo on a rubber stamp making it easy to put your brand on any document. You can add your logo or tagline to your letters instead of having a customized letterhead. Or you can even stamp the outside of the envelope, making it easily identifiable from where the letter is coming from. Even the stamp paid, fax or copy can have a small logo along it making it specifically for your company.

Stamps can save money:

The biggest benefit a rubber stamp can cause you is the cost saving. Customized forms and letterheads can cause you a lot of ink and can be expensive to print. This makes it more genuine if you are printing a logo. Having the same thing imprinted on stamps can be huge save in terms of money as inkpads are cheaper than the cost of printing.

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