What's the difference between Clear Stamps and rubber stamps?

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Rubber stamps are also known as wooden stamps, these rubber stamps feature an imprinted rubber design that is pre-mounted onto the block and ready to be picked up and used straight away. As per the expert Rubber Stamps Sydney, rubber stamps are one of the quick and effective ways of adding professional touches to your work. As the stamp is mounted it ensures a more durable, longer-lasting papercraft stamps. As the used block in the stamp is wooden, you can’t see exactly where you are stamping which sometimes results in creating more difficulty lining up your designs. Also, these rubber stamps can be used for more techniques than the clear or acrylic stamps including color mediums and heat embossing powders for a raised look!

What Are Clear Stamps?

Clear stamps are also known as different names such as acrylic stamps, photopolymer stamps, polymer stamps, clear rubber stamps or any other variation on the above. All of them fall under the heading of “Clear Stamps”. When the stamps attached to a block, it can be used repeatedly in many other manners to a traditional stamp.  Clear stamps or Acrylic stamps are readily available from rubber stamping and craft stores, also on the different online platforms. 

What is a stamping press?

A stamping press is a tool that is mainly used for creating clean, aligned, precise stamps every time. The stamping press feels like a die cutting machine, a tool that makes mass production easy and more consistent. The stamping presses can become perfect when it used for repeated stamp positioning, stamping in layers, aligning letters, and much more. As per the Rubber Stamps Sydney experts, Stamping press can be used with both the clear or acrylic stamps and rubber stamps.

How Are Clear Stamps Used?

Clear stamps are very much easy to use than the other stamps, however, they do need to be attached to a smooth surface for stamping. Special acrylic blocks are sold for this stamping purpose, and these are ideal as they are completely cleared and are found in different sizes as well as in a variety of shapes. To use, the clear stamps are simply removed from the backing and attached to the block. Then the stamps are dabbed with ink or paint and used as normal. The clear stamps can be combined or arranged on the block as per the requirement, giving a wide range of design opportunities. 

Advantages of Clear Stamps

There are many advantages to using cleat stamps, such as: 

  • Cost - These stamps are often cheaper in cost than traditional rubber stamps.
  • Deliver - The delivery costs are low here as these stamps are light and less bulky then mounted stamps. 
  • Use - Clear or Acrylic stamps can be used immediately with a single block without facing any problems in preparing the stamps in any way.
  • Accurate stamping - This clear stamp means that they are easy to accurately place stamps. 
  • Storage issues - Here with the clear stamps storage issues are very less, as the stamps are simple to store and do not take up much space. 

Disadvantages of Clear Stamps

As per the Rubber Stamps Sydney experts, there are many benefits and also, the clear stamps do have some drawbacks, such as: 

  • Loss of stickiness - The clear stamps can easily lose their stickiness due to dust and dirt. 
  • Image quality - there are many clear stamps which can give a slightly soften stamped image than other rubber stamps. 
  • Tearing - The stamps are soft and can tear when it removed from the backing sheet
  • Fiddly - There are many tiny stamps that can be fiddly to use and to clean. 
  • Blocks - block is required if you want to use the stamps, which means you need to spend more money on buying blocks for your stamps. 

When it comes to displaying your brand or business proudly with a professional look, there are very few options as effective as customized stamps. This one little item is an essential tool no office should be without. Instantly use stamps to showcase your brand, label important documents and files, display the date and sign or your name or company name. There are many high-quality stamps in the market to deliver a completely customized experience for businesses in need of an authentic and professional look. 

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