Benefits of Installing Ceramic Tiles in Commercial Spaces

by Prospec LLC Solutions Provider
The flooring option you choose has an impact on the overall aesthetics and enhances the room’s decor. If you are considering flooring choices for your commercial building, factors such as the appearance, feel and foot traffic are important. Available in a wide range of design and style options, tiles are a good solution for commercial spaces as these ensure durability and easy maintenance. Reputable tile distributors based in New York offer different types of polished wall and floor tiles that perfectly match the style and design of your commercial building. Ceramic tile is a versatile option for commercial flooring. Ceramic floor tiles are stylish and can be used virtually in any room, especially in high-traffic areas such as entryways, corridors, passages and bathrooms.

Advantages of Using Ceramic Tiles

Constructed out of clay, water, and minerals and fired at high temperatures, this tile has a dense construction that makes it suitable for wet areas, especially public restrooms. It has a non-porous surface, which does not absorb moisture or bacteria. It can be glazed with virtually any color to match the specific room’s décor and organized in the design of your choice. In short, ceramic tiles flooring option greatly contributes to a room’s visual appeal.  

Here are some simple reasons why ceramic tiles are good options for commercial spaces –

  • Design variety - Modern manufacturing techniques allow tile producers to build materials that can be printed or embossed in numerous ways. Solid tiles can be mixed-and-matched in patterns or accented with custom designs or motifs. They can also be printed to reproduce the look of hardwood and natural stone. In addition, these tiles can also be cut and shaped into a variety of sizes and shapes like triangles, rectangles and planks.
  • Environment-friendly – Ceramic tiles are made from clay, sand and glass. Many ceramic tiles are made from recycled and/or recyclable content. Ceramic tile can also help reduce your energy use by keeping the building space cooler in the summer.
  • Easy maintenance – Maintenance is a crucial factor when it comes to flooring options. Ceramic tiles are easy to care for. The nonporous surface doesn’t stain easily or trap dirt and dust. Routine maintenance is quite simple with sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment to keep the floor free of dirt and loose debris. All dirt, liquids, and stains are easy to wipe or mop from the ceramic surface. Besides basic routine cleaning, there is no special maintenance involved.
  • Affordable price – Affordability is a key factor in your commercial space. Generally, the size of the tile and the necessary labor will impact the cost. Ceramic tiles are cost effective. You can invest in high-quality flooring with several benefits.
  • Durability – These types of tiles are known for their outstanding durability. If installed properly, ceramic tiles can withstand a great deal of heavy traffic use and will outlast most other flooring materials. Due to the durability factor, there will be little or no expense involved in future replacement costs.
  • Allergen-free - In a commercial space, you have different people like employees, clients, and guests who travel or use the floor space every single day. Ceramic tiles have a solid surface that does not retain pollen, dust, dirt or any other allergen. If these particles land on ceramic tile, they are visible enough that you can wipe them away from the surface.
  • Moisture resistant – You don’t need to worry about accumulation of moisture on ceramic tiles. You can wash the floor with lots of water if you want to. Unlike other floors like wood, ceramic tiles are not damaged by liquids.
  • Waterproofing - In a commercial enterprise, where moisture might be a problem, ceramic tiles are an excellent choice as they can withstand moisture, both to the tiles and the sub-flooring. These tiles can be slippery though when wet, therefore, when choosing a ceramic tile for an area that might be vulnerable to moisture, make sure to select textured tiles which will allow better traction to prevent slips or falls.  On the other hand, if purchasing ceramic tiles for use in an area that may have water tracked onto the tiling, it would be a good idea to place mats to safeguard against slipping.
  • Insulation - Ceramic tiles are very good insulators. The specific heat is about 0.12 and this improves the efficiency of air-conditioning significantly in commercial space.

If you are planning to install new floors in your commercial space, make sure to choose floors that not only match your building style, but also stay within your budget. With the variety of colors, patterns and finishes available today, ceramic tiles can be a good choice. Ceramic tile flooring installation can be professionally done by a professional tile distributor in New York. Experienced ceramic tiles distributors will help you select the best tiles matching your building design and style. Such dealers will also offer proper maintenance services to ensure that your ceramic floor retains its shine and beauty for years to come.

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