Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen – Useful Tips

by Prospec LLC Solutions Provider
Are you looking for a stain-resistant and durable countertop for your restaurant kitchen? Or are you looking for a heavy-duty, maintenance-free countertop material? With many options like granite, marble and others to choose from and factors like durability, maintenance, cost and appearance to consider – making the right decision can be challenging. Popular distributors based in New York offer different types of solid surface countertops that best suit commercial kitchens. The functionality and aesthetics of the countertop along with its overall effect on your kitchen area need to be considered.

When making your choice, keep in mind that many kitchens use more than one countertop material - so if it suits your design scheme, never hesitate to mix and match. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing your kitchen countertops –

  • Know your preferred aesthetics – Having aclear idea about how you would like your kitchen to appear is important when choosing kitchen countertops. Narrowing down the options like – what you want and what you do not want - can make the job much easier. For instance, some countertops can give your kitchen a more traditional look, whereas others can give your café area a contemporary look. Those who prefer a modern kitchen may choose unconventional countertop materials. The overall aesthetics and functionality you are trying to achieve will impact the countertop material you choose for your kitchen.
  • Choose a countertop material in keeping with your priorities –Selecting the perfect countertops for your kitchen area depends on your priorities and level of usage. As there are a wide range of materials available, it is important to know the characteristic of each before making a final choice. Some of the options include -

  1.  Granite – Granite is the best choice for heavily used kitchens as it is durable  and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It doesn’t stain as easily as marble, for example, or other natural stones as it is not porous. Available in a variety of shades (such as blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges), granite tops can match any style you have chosen for your kitchen. Costs for granite depend on many variables, including color, finish and origin of the stone.
  2. Quartz –If you have a high-traffic kitchen or want a surface that is less susceptible to staining and marking, quartz is the perfect option. Considered one of the most durable surfaces, quartz countertops are best suited for commercial kitchens and healthcare facilities. It is non-porous and requires only low maintenance. It does not require special cleaners but still needs attention, especially with lighter colors.
  3. Marble – A great option for low-traffic kitchen areas, marble provides a porous surface and requires regular maintenance. It can resist heat, breakage and cracks. Since it is porous, you need to seal it regularly and be careful with spills while you cook or pour beverages.
  4. Natural stone – Natural stone is one of the best materials when it comes to kitchen countertops. It comes in a wider variety of colors and is more durable.
  5. Laminate - Laminate is the most affordable countertop material on the market and comes in an array of colors and designs. It is resistant to abrasion and easy to maintain.

  • Degree of usage – In commercial kitchens where the degree of usage is high, it is better to choose a countertop that can withstand stains and scratches and can be cleaned easily. On the other hand, if you use your countertop less and mostly to make cocktails, you can opt for something more expensive that needs more frequent maintenance but looks stunning.  Consider the level of usage of your kitchen area as this will help determine how durable the countertop surface needs to be. Some countertop materials are more porous or more prone to cracks and breakage. If you are not sure about which material would be best for the kitchen area, it is better to rely on the services of an expert. With an expert solid surface distributor, you can select the best countertop material that suits your kitchen needs and budget.
  • Select a color that matches different styles – As decorating trends change, it is important to choose a countertop in such a color that matches different style patterns. Never forget that it should match your backsplash. If you select earthen and more natural tones for your countertop, it will be much easier to redecorate the whole kitchen around it afterwards.  
  • Building layout – The style and layout of the building is an important factor to consider while choosing the countertops. For instance, if your building has an open style kitchen, the style you choose in your kitchen should carry throughout your shop building. Similar finishes and color palettes will go a long way in making the shop space beautiful. Try to keep a simple color palette in mind when choosing your kitchen countertops.
  • Kitchen space - Consider the dimensions of your kitchen prior to selecting a countertop. Some materials look better in a larger area, while others fit perfectly even in small rooms.  
  • Edges – Generally, square edges are standard on most countertops. But, decorative edges like radius, bull nose, bevel, egg and ogee are other expensive ways to customize a kitchen countertop. Availability of edges varies based on countertop materials.
  • Decide on a sink mounting – There are two popular ways to mount your sink on your kitchen countertop - under-mounted and over-mounted. With under-mounted sinks, the edge lip of the sink is mounted below the kitchen countertop. This type of mounting style creates a continuous flow from your kitchen countertop to your sink and can make cleaning up crumbs simple. Granite, Concrete, Marble or Quartz are some preferred materials for under-mounted sinks. Over-mounted sinks, on the other hand, have edges that are placed over the kitchen countertop. While choosing countertops, it is important to clearly understand the difference between the two styles of sinks and choose a material based on level of usage.
  • Maintenance – To keep your countertop in good condition longer, you need regular maintenance and upkeep. The level of maintenance would depend on the type of countertop material chosen. Choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain. Natural stone, for instance is quite durable and if regularly sealed, can withstand a lot of wear and tear.   Granite or quartz countertops may require regular sealing to prevent bacteria from contaminating and ruining the surface. These types can also be expensive if they need to be repaired when damaged.
  • Budget - Determine your budget framework prior to selecting a countertop and review the different options available. Be realistic when setting your kitchen countertop budget. Stay within your set budget line to find high-quality, durable kitchen countertop materials. Browse different sites to get information or consult reputable tile distributors that can help narrow down the options and recommend the best options that work within your wallet. Quite often you can find materials that have the same qualities as your favorite countertops but are much cheaper and easier to maintain.

If you are planning to install new kitchen countertops in your commercial kitchen, make sure to choose products that not only match your building style, but also budget. Solid surface kitchen counter tops installation can be easy and perfect, if you rely on the services of an established distributor in New York. Such professional dealers will know which materials best suit your specific needs. They experts can work with you to help design the perfect countertops for your commercial kitchen. Such dealers will also offer proper installation and maintenance services that are vital to ensure the durability of your commercial kitchen countertops.

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