Which Is The Best Water Purifier To Have Clean And Safe Drinking Water At My Home?

by Water Purifier Anjan Sengupta (Service Head)
Safe drinking water is becoming challenging day after day due to the rise in pollution and depletion of resources. A lot of people across India receive undrinkable water making it necessary for people to buy water purifier for home to ensure their health and safety. There are several layers of water filtration in water purifiers. For instance, all of Pureit's products come with either a 6 or 7 step purification process. 

Diseases are usually attributed to a change in the weather or having food in unhygienic conditions, but water can play a big role in causing these diseases. Water through the taps can consist of elements like chlorine, lead, pesticides, Trihalomethanes and many more. These can be effectively dangerous to a person's health. And the one stop solution for all these problems is simply installing a water purifier for you home. This will ensure that you and your family get healthy and safe drinking water. 

The 7-step purification process is as given below:

  • First, is the per-sediment filter that removes coarse particulate impurities/dirt and improves the life of the Carbon Filter. 
  • Second, the pre-RO Carbon filter which removes chlorine and organic impurities such as harmful pesticides. It also absorbs bad taste and odor-causing organic compounds from water. 
  • Third, this process filters the water further to ensure removal of finer particulate impurities by passing the water through the mesh filter.
  • Fourth, the water is free of dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. During this step, the water passes through the RO membrane and removes the microbial contaminants like bacteria, virus, protozoa, and cysts. 
  • Fifth, the UV chamber acts as an additional stage of purification to further inactivate bacteria, virus, and parasites to deliver safe water. 
  • Sixth, the second last step is just an additional purification step and enhances the taste of water.
  • Seventh, and the final stage is when the water passes through the microfiltration membrane. It ensures that the water is purified not only once but thrice. 

Pureit strives to give its clients the best products that will fight all bacteria and unwanted elements in impure water and through its thorough purification process will provide every household with safe drinking water. They offer a wide range of water purifiers you can choose from. They take health very seriously and all their products are designed to keep your family healthy and safe. Your research for the best purifier should be dependant on the kind of water you receive and the level of purification it needs. The excess killing of germs in water can also harm the minerality of the water. The best RO water purifier India is on the Pureit website. 

Moreover, you will never see a water purifier with only RO written on it, there will always be RO+UV, or RO+MF, or RO+UV+MF, and the like. These additional purification processes work on different levels of purification ensuring extra care and health and at the same time not taking away too many minerals from the water. 

Finally, India is a developing nation and the water crisis faced by us is more than a developed country due to unorganised municipal pipelines. It has been a goal to achieve where all the population gets clean and safe water as it is the basic commodity of life. We as a country have a huge population and this makes it difficult to ensure safe drinking water in rural and far fetched areas. The government has come out with several schemes, but it needs to also find other means like afforestation and rain water harvesting systems to increase the overall water table. 

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