benefits of drinking chai - so called Tea

by Sagar Singh Digital marketer

We can easily find at least one person around us who loves tea (chai). In the world, tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. Tea is essential part of life. Even in business deal, tea plays an implicit role. One can find tea delivery near them within walking distance. Ever felt like Google-ing up “tea delivery near me” or chai delivery near me? Also tea delivery near street is also growing as a business. There are many TV shows which have names starting with tea, for example Chai Chai.  Do you know why there is so craze about tea and what are the benefits of it?

I am a Chai lover too! I start my day with a perfect cup of tea which gives me the right kick to start my day. During travel, I always look for chai wala near me. I feel that it is one of the important aspects of the average Indian life, isn't it? So following are the points wherein I have stated health benefits of having tea that you might have not know about before today:

Improves immune system:

When we catch cough and cold diseases we find parents suggesting to have a cup of ginger tea. It is found that those who drink tea everyday have good immune system than those who don’t.

Healthy teeth:

You may not know this but a cup of tea can give you a good smile. According to one study, tea contains fluoride and tannins that helps in reducing plaque as well as restricts bacterial growth that promotes the formation of cavities and tooth decays.

Less caffeine than coffee:

If you are wondering what is the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee, it's approx. 110mg whereas a cup of tea contains just 40mg of caffeine. So drinking tea is a healthier habit than coffee.

Decreases the risk of liver disease:

In International journals of clinical and experimental medicine, it is found that those who consume tea every day show improvements in different cases of liver diseases.

Decreases risk of depression:

In a study conducted in Australian & New Zealand journal of psychiatry, it was found that for every 3 cups of tea consumed per day, the relative risk of depression decreases by 37% and that it also helps in reducing headache.

Cancer prevention:

It is found that green tea but not black tea was associated with lower rate of prostate cancer. It can also be seen that women who drink black tea regularly have a lower chance of ovarian cancer than their counterparts.  

Reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes:

Drinking tea every day may help keep your arteries smooth and decrease LDL cholesterol volume. For those who aren't aware about this, it is preferred to have less amount of this type of cholesterol in body, as it leads to increase in risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes in people.

Helps in weight loss:

100gm of tea contains only 1 calorie (unless one adds sweetener or milk). Consuming tea does not even increase weight and if someone wishes to drink green tea then it would rather help in decreasing weight of the person! Isn't it much easier and simple?

There may be counter points to criticize about the negative impacts of tea, but then again, any activity done in excess has its repercussions. One cup of tea surely has better impacts and hence, is worth consuming every sip. So go ahead, and order that cup of tea for starting a beautiful day and a healthy lifestyle!

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