Sticky Chai Ingredients: Benefits Of Each One

by Ranny Watson Blogger

There are numerous benefits of drinking sticky chai. This delicious liquid blend has been around for centuries and is loved by many cultures around the world. You will get to see it in many tea shops. Or you can simply search for Tea Near Me and make yourself familiar with this incredible magic tea. 

This Chai is made from tea leaves that are blended with a combination of different spices, hot milk, and sugar. Now let's learn the benefits of its ingredients: 

Benefits Of Each Ingredient

As said above, sticky chai is made of various ingredients. These ingredients work together and increase the benefits of each other.

Sticky Tea Leaves

It's no secret that this tea is rich in antioxidants. For example, it can prevent cardiovascular disease by regulating LDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol. In addition to this, some research has shown that this tea has anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.


A root widely used in oriental medicine helps in digestion, improves circulation, stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation. It can also help all those people suffering from arthritis. It provides your body with antioxidant support. Also, one research has shown the ginger is proven to fight cancer cells.


Cinnamon has wonderful digestive properties and can also help to balance blood sugar levels. Plus, research has shown cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects.


It’s an amazing source of potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. It also has anticancer effects.


Cloves not only improve your digestion process, but it also has analgesic (pain relief) properties and may help relieve pain from ulcers. Besides, the clove has antibacterial action.

Black Pepper

New research shows that black pepper can improve our metabolism. The study demonstrated the direct influence of black pepper on fat storage, suggesting that it may help prevent fat accumulation. It also offers your body antioxidant and antibacterial support.

What about caffeine? 

Many people have this question: Does Chai Latte have Caffeine? Yes, it does have it.  But the sticky chai contains less caffeine as compared to other chai lattes. So going for it is much better for your health.

Final Words

These were the benefits of all the ingredients that are used in making a sticky chai. If you like reading this blog then don't forget to share it with your chai lover friends. 

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