Amazing Health Benefits of Sandalwood

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Sharbat Sandal is an Unani herbal preparation of Sandalwood. Sharbat is described as sweet liquid preparation made by way of sugar and water, Joshanda (Decoction), Khesanda (Infusion), Luab (Mucilage), or Sheera (dry seed or sterile fruit ground with water). The overall preparation procedure for Sherbat involves first preparing the water or aqua extract of desirable herb/seed. The aqua infusion is boiled, inserted with water and sugar to prepare Qiwam (Basic Solution of specific consistency) that is filtered and kept for later usage. Another ingredient of this syrup comprises sugar, citric acid, preservatives, and color. Below is given additional detail about sandalwood Sherbet.

Ingredients of Sharbat Sandal

Santalum album Sandalwood sawdust, White sugar, Citric acid, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Food Color.


Sandalwood sawdust is soaked in warm water through the night at a vessel. The next morning, this extract is boiled until the quantity of water remains half. Thus prepared decoction is cooled, filtered through a fabric piece. Sugar is added and again the mixture is boiled. This mixture is cooled for Sharbat Sandal/Sandalwood Sherbet.

Programs of Sharbat Sandal

Sandal Sharbat has medicinal properties of the sandal. It is refreshing and cooling inactivity. It is useful in heart palpitations and functions as heart and liver tonic. It gives relief in several summertime related health issues headaches due to heat, excessive thirst, burning feeling in feet and hands, and sunlight strokes.

This prep is good for the heart, digestive system and the liver.

Dosage and administration

Require 25 ml of syrup blended with cold water. For preparing, add Sharbat Sandal into 1 glass chilled water and mix well prior to drinking. It can be taken at any time of the day.

Sandalwood Benefits

Brain Growing

The essential oil of Sandalwood is rich from the active compound alpha-santalol. In a study published in the journal “Planta Medica”, researchers discovered that alpha-santalol elicited higher ratings of attentiveness and disposition than the placebo. The study also discovered that Sandalwood increased the blood pressure, pulse, and perspiration of the participants, which are markers of greater alertness.


The chemical compounds ”sesquiterpenes” present in Sandalwood essential oil stimulate the pineal gland in the brain to produce melatonin. This is the most important hormone that regulates sleep cycles, promotes sleep and soothes insomnia, restless sleep along with other sleeping disorders.

The scent of the oil has a potent influence on the brain’s limbic system also has sedative qualities that can ensure a sound night’s sleep.


The soothing and grounding aroma of Sandalwood helps to reduce tension and stress levels and promotes emotional balance. In aromatherapy, Sandalwood essential oil can be used to create a relaxing, de-stressing tub or massage oil.


Among the many traditional uses of Sandalwood is as a natural aphrodisiac. It’s been discovered that the odor and compound effects of Sandalwood are similar to those of androsterone — human pheromones. This androsterone effect helps to promote sensuality by relieving tension and the psychological blocks which can lead to impotence and other sexual blockages. The similarity of androsterone into the male pheromones sends a just perceptible but highly effective erotic sign to the opposite sex which is considered to boost the attraction of the opposite sex! As a natural anti-inflammatory, Sandalwood is full of antioxidants that combat the free-radical damage that’s associated with getting older.

It also improves skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and psoriasis. In a study published in the” Journal of Clinical and Cosmetic Dentistry”, researchers discovered that Sandalwood reduced the seriousness of these conditions. In treating warts, it was found that a combination of salicylic acid and santalol (the active compound in Sandalwood), completely cleared up warts in 21 percent of the treatment group.

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