All Your Queries Answered About Dental Implants and Dental Bridges

by Lucy Petterson The Mindful Dentist in London
A healthy toothy smile exudes happiness and confidence, making it a person’s biggest asset. But all said and done, it is not uncommon to have flaws in teeth due to various reasons. Coming to think about missing teeth, and its restoration, the choice between dental implants and bridges can get quite dicey. Here’s a guide that can assist you to make an informed decision.
Treatments for missing teeth

Whatever be the reason for a missing tooth - injury or due to lack of dental care, but it gets imperative that some dentist who specializes in dental implant or bridges isconsulted. The Prosthodontistsare the specialist who deals with replacing teeth. Oral surgeons, dentist with additional training in replacing teeth or Prosthodontist would generally suggest dental implants or dental bridges for replacing the missing teeth that are marring the beauty of one’s smile. 
For adentist, surgeon or prosthodontist to decide whether to go for a dental implant or bridge, he would carry out a careful examination of the location of the missing tooth. The severity of the condition of teeth is the basis to determine which procedure would be the best possible way to replace the missing teeth, such that the output resembles a completely natural tooth.
What are dental implants?

A dental implant is placed when there is a need to replace one or more missing teeth. It is a surgical procedure. Such a procedure protects other teeth from falling off too. In Dental Implants South East London, a titanium post is placed on the jaw bone. It is used as root and on its top, a dental crown is placed. 
The major advantage of Dental Implants South East London is that the implanted tooth does not come loose. It also is excellent for general oral health. Since the dental implant is not attached to other teeth, it proves to be a good way to replace missing teeth as the new teeth would not depend on another tooth, which may not be healthy.
There are two types of dental implants
An endosteal dental implant, require two surgeries. The first surgery makes sure the bone is wide and deep enough to lay the foundation. Then a time gap is given to let the gums heal. The second surgery is carried out to post the implant.

In a subperiosteal dental implant, a metal frame is fixed under the gums on the jaw bone. This frame becomes the base on which posts are attached to which the artificial tooth is mounted.
An implanted tooth is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. The process to maintain it is also easy as cleaning and flossing can be done effortlessly. The surgeriesdone in dental implants South East Londonare pretty minor. 
An implant proves to be a permanent solution for a missing tooth. Also, most importantly, implants are completely natural-looking and facilitate all functionalities like chewing and grinding food. Dental implants prove to be a good investment as the post-surgery period is hassle-free. The dental crowns that are fixed can be custom made to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. This way, even an artificial tooth looks completely normal.
What are dental bridges?
Dental bridge placement is a procedure in which the practitioners draw support from healthy teeth to aid the replacement of a missing tooth. Dental bridges are often adopted in cases where the jawbone is damaged.
The dental bridge procedure is easy and quick. It is a simpler process compared to dental implants. It may require about 3-4 visits to the practitioner.

Once a dental bridge is fixed, it is stable and there is no possibility of the artificial tooth coming loose. Dental crowns are installed onto the already existing natural teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. These crowns act as a bridge, hence the name dental bridge. These bridges firmly hold the artificial tooth in place. 

Dental bridges make chewing effortless. Also, the whole process is comparatively painless too.Dental bridges are popular as they prove to be a good, easy, quick and less painful method of tooth replacement. 
In dental bridges, the artificial tooth is not fixed to the jaw. It requires no hole to be drilled in the jaw bone. Therefore, dental bridges do not involve any surgical procedure. Also, dental bridge procedure is less painful, less time consuming and comparatively affordable too, compared to dental implants.
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