All about V-Blocks

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V-Blocks are generally used in the milling or drilling operations for the purpose of holding round metallic pipes or rods. It is a kind of accuracy metalworking tool. These consist of cast iron blocks or rectangular steel blocks which are having a 90° channel that can be rotated through 45° from all sides. It forms a V-shaped new channel on the top. Again at the bottom, another channel is cut in V shape. The V-blocks are often available with attached screw clamps that can hold the work.

For magnetic work-holding, internal magnets can be used in the V-blocks. All versions of V-blocks are generally bought in pairs.

Definition of V-blocks:

So, after the discussion regarding v-blocks, it can be defined as a tool structure that is having true V grooves and slots. For the further machining works, v-blocks are used to hold different types of cylindrical objects in their individual places. This helps in marking the centers.

Construction of V-Blocks:

Generally made up with cast iron. All of its faces are truly machined, i.e. the parallelism and flatness between any two faces and the angle between them are true values.

Commonly the angle remains between them is 90°. But v-blocks with 120° angle between the faces are also available.

Grooved-shaped v-blocks are also available.

V-blocks contain U-shaped clamps which are attached with clamp screws.

Rectangular slots are provided on the faces, which help the v-block to engage U-clamp with it.

Such U-clamps are not necessary for the magnetic v-blocks.

A control button is used for managing the magnetic forces.

Grade-A and B, these two V-blocks are available depending upon the flatness accuracy.

Uses of V-Block:

V-blocks are used with the surface gauge to mark centrelines which are required to hold any kind of cylindrical objects.

It holds the rectangular job piece vertically at 45° angle.

It acts as a support to hold any kind of cylindrical bars parallely.

V-blocks can also be used for checking the roundness of any cylindrical objects.

V-Blocks are generally made up of cast iron, so there is a chance of rusting, therefore prevention is necessary. For basic accuracy, a periodical measurement should be done.

All the recognized manufacturers of this country are well trained in producing supreme quality v-blocks. They follow all the national and international quality standards to satisfy their clients with their products.

Thus, v-blocks can easily be used for several drilling and milling operations.

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