Uses Of Biocides For Water Treatment

by Barkha Pahuja SEO/Writer
71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water but only 2.5% of this total body is fresh water that can be used by humans. Out of this as well, a major part of water is not pure and needs to be treated with some types of chemicals to make it fit for further use. Biocides are chemicals that are used in treating water to protect it from all type of organic as well as inorganic contaminants. These biocides help in controlling the quality of water and killing any type of microbes present in it. From treating the drinking water to disinfecting the water used in various industries, a biocide is widely used in water treatment. Let’s have a look at the different uses of biocides.

·    Drinking Water
Use of biocides for treating the drinking water is a must to ensure good health of the people. There are various organic as well as inorganic contaminants present in drinking water that can lead to various waterborne diseases if it is not treated before consumption. The drinking water should be treated with biocides and other chemicals to ensure that it fulfills the safe limits of consumption. These biocides destroy all types of germs, spores, viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

·    RO Treatment
Biocides are also important for RO water treatment purposes. Using these biocides in RO treatment is a must to ensure that it does not negatively impact the environment. These biocides are also important to improve operational performance, reduce unscheduled shut down of the system, and make it more cost efficient. These chemicals act as antifoulant in the case of reverse osmosis systems.

·    Cooling Towers
Cooling towers also require a pure supply of water that is not infected by any type of foreign organic or inorganic substance. Along with the chemical composition of biocides, descalants and antiscalants are also used for the treatment of water in the cooling towers. It not only prevents the contamination of water from the birth of algae, fungus, bacteria etc., but also acts as corrosion inhibitors to ensure that the cooling towers last for a longer time.

·    Food And Beverage
Biocides play an important role in ensuring the quality of materials used and the maintain hygiene of the environment in the food and beverage industries. In this industry, biocides can be used for various other purposes as well. Biocides for water treatment in food and beverage industry can be used for disinfecting the surface, tanks, pipelines, equipment, mopping the floors, cleaning the walls and can also be sprayed to ensure that the air remains disinfected.

·    Diaries

Various types of biocides are used in treating the water in the dairies as well. In dairies, biocides can be used for disinfecting the pipelines, bottles, milk cans, tetra packs, pasteurizing plates, conveyor belts, tanks etc.

This was a list of the places where you can see biocides being used. You can find a number of manufacturers and suppliers of biocides for water treatment in India that would understand your biocide needs and offer the highest-quality biocide for you.

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