Aerobic Exercises to be Practised at Ultra Luxury Residential Buildings

by Avani Rai THE 42

Everybody wants to stay fit and healthy. Whether you go to a gym or spend time at home doing some set of exercises, fitness is always your primary focus. The residents of ultra luxury residential buildings can always go a gym and train, as gym facilities are part of their building plan.


However, if you do not want to join a gym, you can still do aerobics at home and stay fit.


What is aerobics?


Aerobics is a very effective form of exercise that helps you get rid of your extra fat. Aerobics tones your body and keeps it in shape.


The general practice in effective aerobics include 3 distinct forms of exercise:


  1. Endurance sprints
  2. Sled drags
  3. Stadium stairs


If you do these 3 types of exercises every day at your luxurious residential property, then your body will get perfectly toned and chiseled- just like you want it to be.


What are the workouts you must concentrate on?


Aerobic exercises include two types of workout:


a)      Cardio workouts

b)     Strength workouts


In order to lose weight, you should concentrate on cardio workouts. These workouts work on your cardiovascular system. These exercises ensure increased and proper blood circulation inside your body which leads to the improvement of your muscular tissue. As a result, your physique gets shaped and toned.


Types of workouts:


  • Endurance sprints: Go for two 150-meter sprints. Keep a gap of 30 seconds between the two laps. Make sure you complete each lap within 20 seconds. Follow up with 3 minutes of rest. As your endurance increase, go for two 200-meter laps at a gap of 30 seconds. Complete each lap within 30 seconds. With time take the sprint to 300-meter within 50 seconds, followed by a 5 minutes rest.


  • Sled drag: Load 90 pounds of weight on a sled. Then sprint with it for 30 yards roughly. 8 repetitions of the same with a gap of 30 seconds between each lap should do your job.


  • Stadium stairs: Sprint up and down the stairs of our apartment.  Do it 10 times at a gap of 10 seconds between each of the repetition. After 10 laps take a 5 minutes rest.


What are the advantages of aerobics?


  • Aerobic exercises is good for your health. It enhances your endurance and stamina. The initial muscle aches and exhaustion should not bother you much. However, once you get habituated with the exercises, you will feel energetic.


  • These exercises burn a lot of calorie and help in weight loss.


  • Regular exercise is ideal for reducing stress. Aerobic exercises increase the flow of certain hormones in your blood. It helps you sustain a good health.


  • Regular cardiac exercises reduce the chances of getting affected by heart diseases and make your immune system stronger. These exercises also boost your resistance against stress and illness.


  • The joints and bones of your body gets strengthened with these exercises. So, bone diseases like osteoporosis do not occur if you exercise regularly.


  • You can practice these exercises even in the comfort of your ultra luxury residential without having to rush to the gym.

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