How’s and Why’s of Primer Application in an Ultra Luxurious Property in Kolkata

by Avani Rai THE 42

When you move to an ultra-luxurious property in Kolkata, you want to paint your walls first. The veteran drywall painters strongly recommend using primers before you paint the walls. A lot of people think that this step is unnecessary. However, experts suggest that this is a very worthwhile step in the end.


Not only luxury apartments, even an insignificant painting work, like a pantry or a closet, needs priming first. The presence of a primer coat makes a huge difference later on.


Here are a better idea encompassing priming and its benefits.


Why do you need primer?


Priming is basically a sealant material. It provides an initial coating for your paint. This is one good reason for someone to use primer in the first place. Also, primer is quite important for the wall paint to better adhere to the wall.


The application primer ensures your paint’s longevity and durability. The presence of primer also protects the foundation and the drywall. A lot of people argue that purchasing a self-priming wall paint is a better option.


However, veteran professionals suggest that using two separate products always produce the best result.


What are the equipment needed for priming?


If you want to prepare your walls for painting, you will need to use the right supplies. Yes, right products- shortcuts are not going to help really. So, do not fall for others’ words- avoid easier alternatives for priming and painting.


Never ever compromise on quality while you are taking up a project like that. Not always you will need the finest of products to give your walls a professional outlook. But you must invest in some good brands.


Good brands and right tools guarantees the durability of the paint on your wall. There are some home improvement tools which you need for priming works:


  • Primer
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Pail
  • Paint Pail Liner
  • Paint Roller
  • Roller Tray
  • Roller Tray Liner
  • Roller Cover
  • Sanding Sponge
  • Extension Pole
  • Drop Cloth

And of course, you need actual paint after this preparation is over.

Tips for application

  1. When you are taking up a painting project, you need to prepare the area around you for this as well. Cover up the carpet, the floor, put a cover on your furniture and appliances. Use tarps rather than cotton covers.
  2. After you dip the brush into the primer, just wipe off the excess primer on the edges of the paint pail. Do not ever apply primer with a dripping brush.
  3. Start with the edges. Create a border around the corners and along the edges and then come to the center.
  4. Apply 2 coats of primer at least. This gives the most reliable result. For newly constructed ultra-luxurious property in Kolkata, one coat should be enough. Seasoned apartments require two coats.

 After you finish priming and it gets dried up, sand your walls lightly and remove the excess dust later. This will bring a professional finish to your walls even though it is a DIY primer application endeavour. Now, your walls are ready to be painted.

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