How the Air Conditioning System of an Ultra Luxury Residential Building Works

by Avani Rai THE 42

In order to keep up a good maintenance of anything that you own, you should have an overall knowledge of how these things work in the first place. This will give you a clear idea as to what is happening and what needs to be taken care of really. Air conditioning system is common for an ultra-luxury residential building.


But do you know how it works? Let us have a look at the details:


An Overview of air conditioning system


Truest to its name, an air conditioner ‘conditions’ the air inside your room. That means that an AC machine is not only responsible for cooling down the air, it also reduces factors like humidity.


The process through which an air conditioning system creates a favourable environment within premium apartments in Central Kolkata involves refrigeration cycle. It plays an important role in the process, indeed.


The process works the same way as the HVAC system works for a building, car or refrigerator, for that matter.


First thing first- turning on the air conditioner means that excess energy must be used to remove heat and moisture from inside your room. In order to understand the process in detail, you need to understand the principles working in an AC machine.


  • Refrigeration cycle: The key principles that an AC machine works on are condensation and evaporation. It includes repetitive cycles of expansion and compression. Pretty much like a perfect scientific experiment- the AC machine absorbs heat and releases it outside.
  • Evaporation: When evaporation happens, the substance evaporating takes help of the surface heat of an area. The moisture content of the air inside your room also evaporates taking the heat away from your room.


The cooling process inside a room


Refrigeration and evaporation are the two constant processes that helps your air conditioner to work. An AC machine unit uses Freon which converts gas to liquid and vice versa very quickly.


 This way, the refrigerant transfers the heat outside your room.


There are four distinguished part in an AC machine:


  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Metering device


The first two parts are located outside the air conditioning system. The other two units are located in your attic or in a closet.


Hot air removal and cold air supply


The refrigerant inside the compressor is a low pressure, low temperature gas. After it gets compressed, it leaves as a high pressure, high temperature vapour. This vapour moves towards the condenser.


The condenser condenses this vapour into a liquid which moves towards the metering device. Here, it becomes much cooler. This cool liquid enters the evaporator unit via a set of tiny tubes.


Here, the pressure drops turning the liquid to gas. This low pressure and low temperature gas again goes back to the compressor. This is the cycle how the air conditioning system works.


Air conditioning is a brilliant innovation of applied science and technology, based on such simple principles. These machines keep the environment inside an ultra-luxury residential building comfortable even when there is a lot of heat.

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