Achieve Contactless Guest Experiences in Luxury Hotels Using Modern Hotel PMS Systems

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

Hospitality is all about the relationship and involves a significant amount of 'touch.' So, how can a luxury hotel build relationships with their guests in the pandemic spurred a 'don't touch' environment? Especially since the expectations from a luxury hotel have changed quite a bit since as well.

While they want the same upscale experience, guests expect hotels to adhere to the latest health and safety measures driven by the newest technology. "Consumer confidence is our biggest challenge right now as an industry," says Montage founder Alan Fuerstman. "Now we have to give them the confidence that we can do all of those same things while ensuring their health and safety and not compromising the experience they came to us for in the first place."

Offering touchless guest journeys and contact-free services with the help of Cloud-Based Hotel Software is the only way for luxury hotels to gain back the trust of their guests. This means we are in an unprecedented era in the industry's history. Not only have guests broadened their perspectives on what a hotel experience should be like, but they are also expecting hotels to come up with fresh concepts, both now and in the future.

Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure the touchless guest journey while keeping up with the hotel digital transformation wave. Continue reading to learn about touchless hotel concepts that range from contactless check-in and food delivery robots to contactless room keys that are already significantly impacting a luxury hotel stay.

  1. Mobile Check-in

The days of a front desk employee handing a visitor a snack to eat during check-in and a paper registration card with an expensive pen (which may end up as a keepsake!) are long gone. The new age guests prefer to lounge in their room as quickly as possible. The mobile check-in process is not only more environmentally friendly, but it is also quicker (no printing!) and contactless (no pens!). Using mobile check-in, your visitors may entirely self-serve on their mobile device and fill out their registration cards before reaching the property, speeding up the check-in time and decreasing the risk of mistakes. Digital registration also reduces congestion and check-in lines for more prominent luxury hotels. It also frees up your staff to focus on entertaining guests rather than administrative duties.

  1. Digital keys

One of the best ways to ensure a touchless guess journey is to offer keys that guests can access straight from their phone, so they can wave it in front of their door and simply open it without ever touching the handle. Physical keys are no longer required thanks to Bluetooth or web app access methods. This means that guests will no longer have to wait in line to pick up their keys at the front desk, expediting their check-in and saving time by digitizing the check-in/check-out procedure.  Implementing digital keys might be easier (and less expensive) than you expect if you're operating with interconnected, cloud-based hotel software.

  1. Messaging services

Direct messaging allows visitors to contact your employees directly from their preferred device, whether by SMS, Messenger, a chatbot on your website or your hotel app. It is an excellent method to improve guest communication, check-in on visitors during their stay, and provide personalized care instead of calling at the reception for their every need. With the direct messaging method, you may save time by programming responses to frequently asked questions, such as the request for the Wi-Fi password or breakfast times.

  1. Touchless payments

NFC (Near Field Communication), often known as phone-powered payment alternatives such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, is becoming increasingly popular as more mobile devices and stores enable it. As a luxury hotel, you should offer this viable alternative for contactless payments. With cloud Hotel PMS Systems, you can easily implement these additional payment types and benefit from them. 

  1. Reduced contact in F&B

Running a restaurant or bar compels constant contact between your employees and your customers, which is not ideal if you aim to offer a touchless experience. You may reduce this by enabling guests to place orders via a QR code or an app integrated with your Cloud Based Hotel Management Software. Room service is your best bet for a hassle-free and contact-free dining experience. Guest can place the order over the phone or the app, and your team member may knock on the door to notify them of the delivery. Easy peasy!

  1. On-Demand Housekeeping

Allow your guests to opt-out of housekeeping to avoid staff entering their room. You could also implement a new policy that rooms don’t get cleaned during short stays unless guests request it. In Mews, you can set up specific cleaning intervals, making it easy to track and manage which rooms are to be cleaned and when. Whatever you decide to implement, communicate it clearly. This manages expectations among guests and staff, and you avoid unwanted surprises.

  1. Digital spa bookings

Instead of requiring customers to make appointments in person with the spa's welcome desk or concierge, allow them to do so online. Then, for permission documents and appointment modifications, apply electronic signatures instead of handwritten signatures. Use push alerts or automated emails to confirm appointments, offer 15-minute pre-service reminders, and reinforce safety checks when using spa items.

  1. Digital-only check out

As a luxury hotel or resort owner, you want your visitors to have a positive check-out and post-stay experience. A long wait at the front desk is the last thing guests want when they're in a hurry to catch a flight or have a lot of bags to carry. With a mobile check-out, your guests can delightfully skip the front desk on their departure day and check out at their leisure. It allows guests to check their folios, settle overdue costs, and email themselves the total. This allows them to leave in a more relaxed manner while also reducing personnel needed during busy check-out hours. Win-win on both sides!

  1. Digital Feedback

It's vital to collect feedback from guests throughout the check-out process, and you don't want to lose that information while digitizing your check-out procedure. Luxury hotels should not just focus on Tripadvisor or OTA ratings for marketing purposes but also obtain feedback from guests throughout their stay to resolve any concerns before visitors even check out.

Switching to contactless services and increasing automation may benefit your hotel and its visitors in various ways. It not only modernizes your operations but enhances the visitor experience, ensures the safety of both employees and visitors and reduces operational costs.

The era of contact-free solutions has only just begun, and hotels can no longer afford not to digitize and keep up with the demand.

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