A Complete Guide on HCG in Bodybuilding

by Sonu Parashar Digital Marketing Professional
The journey of bodybuilding starts with significant lifestyle changes and therapies. HCG is one of the most widely accepted therapies in bodybuilding. The human chorionic gonadotropin helps to increase the testosterone level. The natural hormone levels start decreasing when bodybuilders stop taking steroids. It happens because the body takes time to produce testosterone itself. This is the PCT phase. The testosterone therapy brings remarkable changes in the body. It restores testosterone levels, and you gain lean muscles.

Advantages of HCG Injections

•    During the bodybuilding phase, poor testosterone level is a common problem for which your physician will prescribe you with HCG injection. The synthetic drug works effectively on the human body. You can notice before and after HCG differences easily.
•    Boosting testosterone with HCG helps build lean muscle mass. It increases weight slowly by lean muscle mass instead of body fat.
•    The injection helps build stamina and energy. You feel stronger and happier.
•    Poor testosterone levels decrease the sperm count. The HCG injections help to regain the sperm production.
•    HCG is also effective in losing weight because it doesn't allow fat accumulation in the body.
•    The urge for sex increases. Testosterone plays a significant role in increasing sexual desire.
•    HCG can help to get penile growth.
•    It helps to increase the libido and red blood cells in the body.
•    It increases bone density and healthy hearts.
•    Dosage Guide

The dosage for beginners is generally lower. HCG is a prescription drug. It should start after consulting your physician. The general dosage is 500 IU thrice per week. It is necessary to follow all the precautions to take the HCG injection safely. The injection kit comes freeze-dried which is to be reconstituted. The bottle of HCG powder is required to mix with water that comes along with the medicine. It is necessary to mix the powder with water, but you cannot shake vigorously. Shaking the HCG can break its molecules. There is a particular syringe. Before injecting the drug, the application site needs to be cleaned well with an alcohol swab. The mixture should be stored in a refrigerator. It shouldn't use after 30 days. A syringe shouldn't be repeated more than one time. The HCG level is at the peak for 6 hours and it will remain active for the next 36 hours. After 72 hours, the effect of the injection goes down.

HCG Injections vs. HCG Drops

Bodybuilders should know the difference between them. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in drop has no difference to HCG injections. However, when you take the drug orally, it will be less effective than the injection int the bloodstream. The advantage of drops is that they are cheaper than injections and there is no risk of overdosing.

Some Common Side Effects of HCG

The side effects of HCG are divided into two categories- severe and less severe. The common less severe side effects are feeling weak, headache, nausea, dizziness and swelling on the injection site. The severe side effects seek medical emergency as soon as possible. It may cause male boobs, swollen fees and mood swings.

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