Top Symptoms of Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency & Its Remedies

by Sonu Parashar Digital Marketing Professional

The growth hormones provide growth to children and for adults, they help to build body muscles, healthy sex life, and energetic body. If an adult is diagnosed with the deficiency, he may face various problems in his life. It can affect his love life and daily chores. Having low stamina will ruin his personality and can make him behind in this competitive world. There are various reasons for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Damage to the pituitary gland can cause the deficiency. Stress, bad eating habits and an inadequate amount of sleep can also cause growth hormone deficiency.

Symptoms of adult-onset growth hormone deficiency

Remember, these symptoms are varied from person to person.

  • ·        Anxiety and feeling depressed
  • ·        Baldness
  • ·        Poor sexual drive and lacking interest in sex
  • ·        Poor muscle mass and feeling lethargic
  • ·        Finding hard to concentrate and poor memory
  • ·        The skin become dry and thin
  • ·        The triglyceride level is higher
  • ·        Feeling fatigue most of the time
  • ·        The bad cholesterol (LDL) level can be increased
  • ·        Insulin resistance
  • ·        Lower tolerance to exercise
  • ·        Bone related problems like osteoporosis

Start gaining weight, especially around the waist

When you start noticing any of these signs, it’s a medical emergency. However, these signs are common in older age people, the adult shouldn’t take them lightly. Take some time from your busy schedule to consult a physician.

Some Solid Facts

According to a survey, one in every ten thousand people in the UK will have adult onset growth hormone deficiency. If children are included, the estimated number could be three in every ten thousand.

How to Deal with Deficiency of HGH

If you have no major health issues like cancer, heart disease and kidney infection, you will have multiple options to treat HGH deficiency. Consult your physician and buy the over-the-counter HGH for sale medicine from online. The adult-onset hormone growth deficiency is treated with growth hormone replacement treatment. The HGH medicine is administered through injection underneath the skin into the fat tissue around the lower abdomen. These injections are painless.

HGH of 4-8 IU’ per day is recommended to get optimum results. The dosages are divided for morning and night. Adults who are starting the medicine for the first time should start with a low dosage else it may cause side effects. It may obstruct the progress of HGH and the results would be negative. The medicine should be taken on time, so set your routine.

HGH medicines give positive results quickly. They are a wonderful alternative. Your doctor may advise you the medicine after examining your HGH levels. You can buy HGH from online. Dedicated online medicine stores offer HGH for sale to save your money. You can shop the medicine in bulk to save more.

When you are going to start an HGH drug, change your daily diet routine and start doing some exercises. The medicine alone cannot do wonder. You will have to make some certain changes in your lifestyle. Your diet plan should include nutritious food items like yogurt, beans, pineapple, fish and various other protein and carbohydrate-rich food items. 

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