Beginner’s Guide to Bodybuilding

by Jimmy O. Blogger

Many assumptions can be derived from the word 'bodybuilding'. Many people think of it as a sport where the bodybuilder displays their muscle size and level of aesthetics and to out pose the other competitors by giving an image of muscle size and proportion. However, there's more to bodybuilding than meets the eye. Bodybuilding doesn't only revolve around competitions and professionals; bodybuilding is for someone who wants to build their own body from base up. It can be a police officer or cyclist who wants to improve his leg performance or a footballer who wants to improve his body performance and agility. Everyone has their respective views regarding bodybuilding. Bodybuilding can also be seen as the development and growth of an individual's body by the means of body exercise and proper diet. Here we will dive into bodybuilding and explain what that entails.

Basic Concept

Mostly newcomers come into bodybuilding after being inspired by their idol or to surpass some current or past bodybuilder. Naturally, they would want to look like their idols but let's be realistic they should do their best to strive. Everything about a person plays a big role in how they live, their lifestyle, and much more. In the beginning, trying to keep bodybuilding natural is an important supplement that comes afterward. There is enough knowledge on the internet to determine what option to pursue well-being.

1.      First routine: -

The classic three days a week for full-body training is of enough use to get the body going once the real training begins.

2.      Sets/Reps

In the first month, 2-3 sets per body part exercise are enough.

3.      Weight The trial and error method to determine enough weight would good enough. It is easy and fast. There are more ways to determine the weight too

4.      PyramidingThis method refers to beginning with lightweight and simple warm-up doing 15 reps then add weight and decrease the reps by 1 or 2, do it in 3 sets until 8 reps.

5.      Progressive resistance
Individuals must add weight and add sets to increase the intensity and limit rest so that progress can be encouraged.

6.      Rest in between the sets

For beginners, 2-3 minutes for rest are enough but as soon as they gain experience it comes down to 1 minute to increase the intensity in the workout and encourage one's determination. But rest is also important to catch the breath.

7.      Training diary
Starting from day 1, the person should keep a log of their exercise, sets performed, reps, and weight used. This guidebook will help in keeping tabs on the progress chart.

8.      Stretching

It will help in improving body flexibility and relaxing muscles and keeping them warm. Should be done before and after the workout.

9.      Variation in TrainingPros suggest that a change in the routine should be made after 4 weeks to avoid staleness because you would have experienced all in the previous routine so anything new will be beneficial

Other than the above-mentioned measures there are several things like soreness, cardio, nutrition check, calorie control, and basic supplement, etc, which should be kept in check to avoid any inconvenience in your bodybuilding routine.

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