9 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Restaurant for Maximum Advantage

by Jeff Keller Digital Marketing Manager

Food is the only industry that always has tough and high competition at the same time can grow well within no time if customer expectations are met in the aspect of food quality, quantity, and service. To survive in the overwhelming competition, following some kind of new trends become necessary. This is where restaurants should establish digital signage into their system and make more profits out of it.

Digital signage for restaurants provides quite a good number of benefits where some of them will be discussed in this blog furthermore. Before knowing how best and effective digital signage for restaurants helps in a great manner, let us see how important digital signage for a restaurant.

Significance of Digital Signage

Digital signage, on the whole, is a powerful tool that supports you in generating more business out of less effort. Here are some important points you should know about why digital signage. With single software, you can control digital displays across geographies, which is why customers consider it as a cost-effective approach. 

·         Digital signage turns viewers to users and users to effective sales conversions

·         Rich content when displayed through digital boards enhances the user experience to a great level

·         Users get more benefitted through digital signage since it is simple to understand and easy to use

·         It allows users to convey their preferences and selections in an interactive manner

·         Digital signage enables users’ ability to view and retrieve their individual needs and interests

To summarize, digital signage can inform, educate, entertain, and communicate with customers in your store exceptionally and helps in displaying product/service of their choice according to their purchase behavior, instantaneously. 

Benefits of Digital Signage for a Restaurant

·         Using a digital menu saves a huge time

·         Cuts down cost and proves higher profit margins

·         Ensures brand consistency

·         Offers good customer experience and entertainment

·         A great visual appeal

·         Easier and effective communication

·         Brings down the perceived wait times

·         Supportive community

Let us get to know in-depth of these points nowhere.

9 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Restaurants

1: Digital menu boards

Using digital signage for restaurant menu boards is always for good reasons. Customers find it great when restaurants throw some creativity in the menu card for every food item you wish to display. Displaying digital menu boards reduces the wait time of someone attending your customers and then taking the order.

Instead, they can make a self-order with the food items and prices displayed. You can modestly replicate your website by creating great customer experience and engagement. 

2: Generate high sales for your daily specials

It is time-consuming and requires resources to manually update your daily specials at frequent time intervals. Digital signboards can do that job within a jiffy as you can have a predefined schedule for all days throughout the week and can display whenever you want.

Moreover, you need not worry in case you change your mind about the menu; you can easily modify the information in your digital signage software and display effortlessly. Along with daily specials, you can club your regular menu and display them together.

3: Create hype during happy hour and last call

Calls-to-action is something to be considered as a priority in restaurants. The ultimate objective of call-to-action is to create thrive among customers to have a particular food, which creates an impression that if this food is missed now, then no way they can get it at this cost.

Happy hours and last call can make this possible with customers never wishing to forgo the offer they have been waiting for or missing the opportunity every time. Your digital signboard should be displayed with a countdown clock that increases the eagerness and anxiety of customers to go for the food item without a second thought.

4: Create and connect through social media 

Display more engaging content through social media and stay in touch with your customers always because social media is a place where you find the majority of the crowd spending time. Digital signage solutions through social media can get you more potential customers and also can get your restaurant brand to a high level than you never expect.

You can display your offers and discounts from your restaurant by tagging people so that everyone gets notified about the same. If you have an online app to serve your customers, give some fabulous deals and codes for them to use or to use at the restaurant itself. This improves more customers visiting your restaurant from different places.

5: Gather customer reviews at scale

If you are sure that customers love your food and keep ordering online frequently or visit your restaurant often and spend a good time, then without hesitation get their valuable feedback.

Use digital signage to allow customers to write about your cuisines and food quality, pricing, and several other factors that impressed/impress them with. This will help new customers to see it on Google where most of them search for cuisines you provide, your restaurant name comes on top.

But you should also remember that your customers cannot draft a long essay for feedback; instead, provide them with quick and simple options and make them write stick to the point.

6: Highlight your kudos

Digital signage can help your restaurants grow high by creating a great impact on customers with highly rich content and theme. Any customer would be delighted to prefer coming repeatedly to your restaurant with the impact that other customers have created in the form of review.

Showcase your customer appreciations and feelings, share about your restaurant, and make your new customers experience a personal touch visiting your place. Automatically, your restaurant’s popularity spreads through word-of-mouth and you get more references as well.

7: Talk about your story

Storytelling is something needed at times to engage your customers and motivate them with your successful events. You can make it more interactive through digital signage by talking about your history, from how many customers starting with you grew up to this level, your achievements, your restaurant’s core mission, etc.

You can conduct quizzes in between and offer the winner a free meal of any time interval. Customers now and then start talking about innovative things you do and share the same with their friends. This is one way you can engage more customers for your restaurant.

Conducting quizzes can happen through digital signboards, which keeps customers away from hesitating to answer as well.

8: Display the right content at the right time

Digital signage supports you in displaying dynamic and static content according to the need that arises upon customers’ demands. You should make sure that the digital signage software is set and scheduled in a way that the menu keeps changing according to the time intervals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The content should trigger not just by time well also by considering other factors that influence customers. You should know what most of your customers’ preferences are and keep changing your food items accordingly. These details can be easily captured through digital signage.

Only if you display the right content at the right time, your customers get an impression that you have certain discipline towards maintaining your menu as well.

9: Provide personality

Most of the restaurants become popular and successful as they radiate personality. This adds more spice to customers who visit your restaurant and gives them a reason to revisit your place. Many may love your food and wish they could know the recipe so that they can do it sometime at home.

By doing so, people may not come to your restaurant anymore. Instead, you can make your staff members speak about their favorite menu recommendations, which you think should be the sale of the day. 

You can tell them about your meat suppliers or anything new that they do not know about your restaurant yet. Such things keep your customers engaged and not worried even if the item delivery takes a bit of time. 


There are several small things that should be considered a priority when it comes to handling digital signage for restaurants. Interactive digital signage is not very new for restaurants to adopt and adapt. A small attractive display can change your customer's mind towards visiting your restaurant. So never miss out on any point through which you can use digital signage effectively. 

If you wish to transform your promotional activities to digital signage, many companies provide end-to-end solutions for the same. Some companies may not insist you buy every requirement individually and allow them to operate, and they give it as a package. See whichever is feasible and affordable for your restaurant type and take the right decision. 

If you have any feedback to share with us about this blog, please share your views through Email. We will see to reply to your request as soon as we review it. 


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