Air Monitoring system is a need of every household today. Here’s why

by Jeff Keller Digital Marketing Manager

How many times have you decided to take a road trip and then given up due to the fear of catching diseases?

How many times have you woken up early for a morning run but gave up due to the smoky fog outside your window?

How many times have you been scared to go out in the rain due to the fear of getting burnt by a possible acid rain?

Well, many of us have faced such situations many times, especially in the 21st century, when Air Pollution levels are drastically rising. Air pollution is one of the forms of pollution, the most difficult to understand and control. Land and water Pollution, both are tangible and can be cleaned manually whereas noise pollution can completely be avoided with certain restrictions, but with Air Pollution, it isn’t easy.

Many necessary industrial or lifestyle activities lead to some or the other form of air pollution, cleanliness and filter equipments are never a 100% accurate and Air Pollution causes the maximum amount of diseases. Be it smog, rising temperatures, ozone layer depletion or asthma, Air Pollution is the sole cause of each of these dangerous outcomes.

Is there any way out?

Be it world governments or the common man, everyone looks for a modern and clever solution to controlling Air Pollution. However, it must be noted, the first step of controlling Air Pollution will always be monitoring it, understanding it and concluding about the causes of it. Considering how the World Health Organization sets air quality standards which are suitable for human health, knowing the air quality around you should be a priority.

An installation of an Air Monitoring System can not only help individuals and organizations know the air quality but can also help in prediction of future air quality levels, current pollutants involved and guide the launch of solutions to solve the problem. An Air monitoring system is responsible to know about everything that is involved with air, the wind, humidity, the temperature or even the odour, each component is analysed and noted to come to a conclusion.

How does an Air Monitoring System work?

Air monitoring system, like the name suggests, is installed to monitor and look after the pollution levels in the air. It notes down the fluctuations in the ambient level of air quality via a few simple steps.

Firstly, air sample is taken directly via external probes or active sampling method. Now this collected air is passed through multiple sensors that detect the problems in odour, particulate levels or temperature deviations. Each of these sensors is used for a specific purpose and focuses on one single parameter. After these sensors analyse the air quality, all information collected is noted down and then statistical tools are used for analysis.

Infact, many new air monitoring systems like the one provided by Oizom also allow online storage of data which can be easily shared across the globe. Online storage also means provisions for modern softwares and options like notifications, analytics and impact predictions. However, this is a completely online model that works primarily on machinery. There are still old systems that use human labour to work, which is a problem since the data is not real-time and the probability of error increases.

What features should you look for?

1)    Accuracy at its best

Like mentioned, when it comes to air quality, errors need to be avoided in data and its collection. The air sampling technique should be consistent, the software should give end-to-end solutions and be crystal clear for future analysis. Considering how air quality monitoring system data is used by Government’s for decision making, medical treatments and by industrial houses, it forms the base for crucial decisions. Any inaccuracy can lead to misjudgment and long-term negative consequences.

2)    End-result being useful

Air monitoring system works to give a final database that consists of all information regarding the air quality, specifically over a long period of time. This allows environmentalists to find root causes, connect natural calamities with air levels and make valuable predictions. However, for anyone to use the data, it has to be in a readable and useful format. Think about it, what would be the point of numbers if they cannot be interpreted and used by a majority?

3)    Modern day needs

Choosing an air monitoring system should be based on its usefulness, accuracy and also its nature. This means that if you are paying for something, make sure you choose the best one of the lot. Going for a modern day, software based and online air quality monitoring system over a manual one can give you immense advantages. It works on a real-time basis, reduces work load and has a continuous technology. With time, innovation is what matters, go for technology that fits in.

4)    A machine that stays

An air monitoring system has to exist right in the middle of all the weather activities to sample the air. It has to durable enough to bear with all weather conditions, right from heavy rainfall to mild snowfall. Moreover, air monitoring systems are usually made to be portable these days, so that it can cover wide geographical regions after being set. Moreover, many households are also opting for an air monitoring system at home and would prefer it to be portable as per their location.

Wherever there is a problem, a solution exists but it matters how to use the solution to be quick, efficient and effective in solving the problem. Air Pollution is a difficult problem to tackle but with an air quality monitoring system, it becomes manageable to find a way out.

Individuals can know when to avoid going out due to bad air quality, industrialists know when to avoid construction activities and use air filters while Governments can allocate regional funds for fighting pollution as per the different air standards. Overall, monitor and implement, that is the motto we should follow to combat air pollution.

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