9 Facts About Magic Mushrooms

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

Magic mushrooms are special and unique mushrooms that contain psychoactive compounds. By ingesting a certain amount of them, you will go on a psychedelic trip for a short period of time. The lasting effects of this mushroom depend on how much you ingest and how strong your tolerance is. As such, the effects of mushroom will greatly vary from one person to another. You can find mushrooms in nature or even order shrooms online.  

  1. Scientific name

The most common magic mushrooms are scientifically called  ”Psilocybe cubensis”.  This name comes from the Psilocybin molecules contained in this type of mushroom. This molecule, when ingested, will be converted in one’s body into a chemical with psychoactive properties.

  1. Ancient history

In the Sahara desert, some archeological evidence has been found proving that humans consumed hallucinogenic mushroom for more than 7,000 years. Additionally,  proofs of the use of magic mushrooms have been found in Aztec and Mayan culture of Mesoamerica, mainly in Guatemala and Mexico.   

  1. Huge variety

Over 200 species of magic mushrooms have been found in the world. They also come in all shapes and size. Some can have strong psychedelic effects depending on the amount of psilocybin that they contain. Each species can grow in a different habitat.

  1. Different habitat

Magic mushrooms can grow in various different places. You can find them in gardens and grasses as well as animal feces and rotting woods.  The habitat of the mushroom will determine its size and shape. Different species come from different natural environment.

  1. Positive psychological effect

Multiple studies suggest that a trip on mushroom can have a lasting psychological and positive effect on the mind of the one who ingested it. It Is proven that magic mushrooms make people more open-minded to the world.

  1. No addiction

It has been proved that magic mushrooms aren’t physically addictive. Additionally,  because of the fact that they are 100% natural, this type of mushrooms will not have any type of physical impact on your body.

  1. Shop online

Nowadays, it is possible to order shrooms online and get them deliver directly to your house. From a website, you will be getting an easy access to various magic mushrooms in different forms. In fact, you can find them dry or in edible products such as magic mushroom chocolate bar.

  1. Different ways of eating it

There is more than one way to ingest magic mushrooms. They can be brewed as a tea, eaten directly fresh or dry or even baked into food such as a magic mushroom chocolate bar or cookies. The hallucinogenic effect of the mushroom will depend on the amount that you put in the food and how high your tolerance is, regarding psychedelic.

  1. Medical use

Some searchers found evidence that magic mushrooms might help in overcoming nicotine addiction. Moreover, other researches showed that hallucinogenic mushrooms will decrease your anxiety and even some post-traumatic stress disorders. It can also help ease your headaches to a certain extent.

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