8 web trends and social networks to watch in 2020

by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!

8 web trends and social networks
to watch in 2020


More than 50 experts define trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

We are back with our trends to watch in 2020 on the web and social networks! And this time, we have seen (a lot) bigger: we have teamed up with HubSpot to gather forecasts from more than 50 experts from France and around the world and provide you with the best insights on the marketing and PR sector in 2020 (and beyond).

Take advantage of our trends. To help you plan your digital strategy for next year, we have collaborated with HubSpot to create a free e-book that will tell you everything about the trends to keep in mind in 2020 for the web and social networks. You will find :

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TREND # 1 - Tik Tok will be part of your marketing strategy

In terms of marketing, it's easy to limit yourself to the 5 major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. However, the audiences evolve with the arrival of new players on the market 

Networks like TikTok have seen their popularity explode (the latter already has more than 4 million active users in France). Hence the need to take them into account in your 2020 advertising budget. The Bytedance group, the owner of TikTok, has just opened its Paris offices! 

Anthony Rochand sees this new platform as a gold mine for marketing professionals looking for a young audience and new advertising opportunities, Pierre Cappellitells us about the progress of instant messaging, Tim Soulo predicts the advent of micro-bloggers, and Prasad Sangameshwaran talks about how TikTok has revolutionized social media in India.

Meg CoffeyMeg Coffey

"For me, trends all indicate a slowdown: do more with less. The size of the pizza marketing has not changed; we are simply cutting it in more and more parts and it has become overwhelming for many of us. Yes, TikTok beats all other platforms at this time. But does that mean you have to use it? Absolutely not! We have to go back to basics and think about why. We need to stop focusing on MarTech and start


TREND # 2 - welfare on social media will be critical to consumer engagement

Social networks have become an integral part of the life of the general public. However, consumers are now more critical about the ways in which this use influences their mental health, with the notable emergence of hotels and other "digital detox" experiences in France and elsewhere. 

Expect the public to be more aware of the time they spend online, with more and more campaigns encouraging users to escape the digital world and spend more time in the real world.

Jonathan Chan believes that companies will have to create even stronger experiences to engage their audience, and Julia Bramble suggests that platforms pay more attention to how they impact their audience. 

 Julia Bramble Julia Bramble

"Increasing awareness of the connection between social media and mental health means that users are more aware of what they are influenced by and are more skeptical than before. To attract attention and engagement in this changing world, you need to base your messages and behaviors on social networks on those of your audience's friends, rather than on commonly accepted marketing practices. Tell stories and jokes, let your audience know that you care about them, ask them questions, be interested in them, share your beliefs, create spontaneous live videos, make sure that your audience feels valued and feels part of a community. "

Julia Bramble

Forensic science doctorate, empathic communication specialist and incredibly popular presenter

TREND # 3 - you'll take advantage of the power of data privacy and fake news

Since 2018, users are becoming more aware of how brands use their information. The confidentiality of data is a theme regularly discussed in the news, as well as fake news ("fake news") and " deep fake ", these very realistic videos where the speech and / or the identity of the people presented.

We expect this to change in 2020. The public will demand honesty and transparency from the brands. Thanks to a stricter legal framework and the pro-activity of the biggest platforms, these topics will no longer be in the limelight, and people will trust brands again on social networks. 

Fabienne Billat tells us about the potential of data to personalize the customer experience, and the brakes that represent the lack of confidence of the French and the partitioning of data in the company, and Deirdre Breakenridge explains the importance of a culture of ethics at all levels of the company.

Yazan Al TamimiYazan Al Tamimi

"It's more important than ever that companies rely on first-party data for accurate targeting. However, many companies do not use their first party data effectively, mainly because the existing infrastructure does not allow them to process their data for more detailed information or to allow easy integration with digital advertising platforms. While upgrading their existing CRM systems represents a significant investment for businesses, it has become a critical step in increasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and their competitiveness in today's world. "

Yazan Al Tamimi

Social Marketing & CRM, Spotify



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