8 Ways to Protect your Smartphone from Hackers

by Jeniffer Leio Excutive

As we all are aware of the facts that smartphone is the biggest necessity or has become an essential device in our lives. The thought of losing our smartphone is a scary dream.

Just think about once how much time you spend on your smartphone in a day. On an average, a person spends more than 5 hours in a day, by makings calls or downloading some different apps or most of the time people are using social media. Smartphones are used for just about everything. Sometimes all ATM pin or data are all saved on smartphones. So it’s a time to protect your phone or data from thieves or hackers and also from cyber attacks. We provide you some 8 ways after following these steps your phone is automatically protected in the case of stolen/lost.

1.Be careful of what you are installing

When it comes to protecting yourself from hackers, then the first step is careful while you are installing on your smartphone. When you installing any app it may ask you to grant various permissions, including the permission to read the files, access to your camera or listen to the microphone. There are multiple uses of these capabilities, think before you approve any of the requests or read it carefully. That applies especially to the Android users, Googles app is not as strict as Apple’s. I would strongly advise you do not install anything from unknown websites.

2.Keep your Smartphone up to date

To keep protecting your phone one of the best way is always to install software updates as soon as possible or as the update become available. Usually, updating software is an unavoidable process. And it sometimes provides you some irritating changes that the user is used to.

Don’t use any of the unauthorized or unofficial tools to “root” your phone, unless you are sure about what you are doing on your phone.

3.Do not use unknown Wi-Fis 

While using Smartphone do not use any of the unknown Wifi networks. Instead, use your own mobile network or invest in a good data pack from your mobile network service provider. The cost of the data pack might be high but at least you are on the safe side by using your own data pack from your own mobile networks. Which also helps you in protecting your bank account from an unsafe wifi network.

4.Install an Anti-virus

If you are surfing the internet or download any content or apps from your smartphones. Sometimes, some viruses are attacked on your smartphone that harms your internally. To protect your phone from viruses install antivirus on your phone. There are multiples of antivirus available on the internet that is free like- AVG Free, and Avast. These will keep your mobile browser safe from viruses and tell you about which website is safe to browse.

5.Protecting your phone by lock your phone’s screen

The most basic security system one can implement for anyof the device is its own screen lock ¬ it allows users to guard the device by using a pattern, PIN or password. The lock can be activated through the device’s security settings. The device can be set to lock automatically after a specific time period or by pressing the `power’ key.

6.Don’t leave online services unlocked 

Auto-login is a very convenient feature, especially since a virtual keyboard can make typing passwordseasily. It’s also a very huge liability: an users simply needs to open your browser to gain access to all your online accounts.

Ideally, therefore, you shouldn’t use auto-login features at all. If you must, use a password manager app that requires you to regularly re-enter a master password. And don’t use the same password for more than one app or service: if that one password gets found out, it can be used to access a whole range of private information.

  1. Make it hard for Users to get in

If anyone can gets physical access to your phone, they can cause you all sorts of trouble. For starting, your email app probably contains a addition of personal information. So that Make sure your phone is locked when phone is not in use. Six-digit passcode requires for both Android and IOS software . Sometimes, Your device may offer other options too, like fingerprints or facial recognition. Such methods aren’t perfect.

  1. Avoid unauthorized app sources

While downloading the apps, try to avoid the unauthorized or unofficial apps. The Google Play and Apple Play are the stores where you get verified apps for your smartphones. You can easily access these apps from your smartphones and download any app safely. There are multiples of mailers and websites which ask you to download apps from any of unofficial or unauthorized web link. Try to avoid these link. If these links are not available on your app store then don’t download and install it. It will damage your smart phone.

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