8 reasons why you should practice Pilates

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Are you looking for a sport that works the whole organism? Do you want to develop the base strength of your body? The Pilates is to achieve good activity.

The pilates, unlike exercises bodybuilding, focuses on working the body equally, forming one unit. Pilates exercises improve muscle strength through balanced development. In addition, flexibility and breadth of movement in muscles and joints is also worked.

It is a mistake to consider pilates as a relaxation or rehabilitation exercise only. This activity serves as the basis for any type of sport or movement that you make in your day to day. Discover 8 reasons why you should practice Pilates and start to get advantages. If you think to start, join this Pilates classes in Great Neck New York.

What benefits does the pilates offer you?

Knowing what benefits Pilates offers you goes through both physical and mental improvements. Performing on pilates regularly through a specific exercise routine will bring you many advantages.

Increase your flexibility

The Pilates is an activity where the different movements and body postures are constant. These movements and stretching of the pilates cause the lengthening of your muscles and their mobility. As a direct consequence, your body will feel more comfortable and prepared to perform other workouts at higher performance.

Improve your strength and tone the body

When performing pilates, the muscles in your body contract - especially abdominals, back and buttocks. In this way it helps to achieve stronger, more defined and stronger muscles.

Facilitates breathing

Knowing how to perform the breaths is fundamental in the pilates. When you get to practice a series of exercises to learn to breathe in pilates, you will improve your breathing in general. And, through the breathing method of this activity you will improve the circulation of your body.

It helps maintain a correct posture

It does not matter what you do during the day to day. With the pilates you will learn to maintain a straight back position, contracting the stomach and putting the shoulders correctly.

Learn to control yourself

Not only is there talk of physical control, but also mental control. To perform each movement of the pilates you must know how to control the body to make the muscles work properly. In this way the organism will have control over possible external forces and not vice versa.

Strengthens joints and muscles

The practice of Pilates makes your muscles lengthen and strengthen, while increasing the mobility of the joints. As a consequence, the risk of injury due to weak joints or muscles decreases.

Increase your energy

A more exercise, more energy. With the pilates you will get to improve your circulation and breathe properly. In this way you will be able to make this activity a more effective exercise and to become a more energetic person.


Practicing pilates regularly, in addition to strengthening your body will help you lose weight. Combining pilates with aerobic activity favors fat burning and the consequent weight loss.

What do you think of pilates? You already know 8 reasons why you should practice Pilates, dare to try it and enjoy its advantages.

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