Pilates Videos | Are Pilates Safe For Pregnant Women?

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When a woman realizes that she has conceived things change around her completely. These changes start right from the day one of her pregnancy and continue even after delivery. While right kind of diet is crucial for a healthy and happy pregnancy, lot much depends on the physical fitness of the mom-to-be.

Many women who learn lot from Pilates videos and practice the same at home get uncertain about it when they become pregnant. It is true that you cannot do every move you could have done earlier however trained instructors can help you in this. Giving up on Pilates because of pregnancy is not a smart move. Instead you should get in touch with the professional Pilates trainer. He or she can surely give you tips to be safe while practicing Pilates.

Advantages Of Pilates During Those 9 Months

It is vital to be aware of the changes your body is going through during pregnancy. Quality of pregnancy may vary from woman to woman but one thing never changes and that is the need to exercise. Pilates help you in so many ways to keep fit in general. It helps your labor time. In fact it can help your baby inside the womb to reach the right place for birth. It also helps you get back in shape after delivery.

Not only this, Pilates teacher training keeps you in good mood which is otherwise tough to attain during those months. Hope you know that it is all game of hormones. Endorphins the good mood hormones are easily stimulated with exercises. So, there is no reason to keep you away from exercising. Having fears related to your unborn baby’s safety is natural. Hence with the help of Pilates experts important guidelines have been streamlined for all you beautiful moms.

Important Pilates Guidelines For Your Pregnancy

Remember to follow these tips to keep yourself and the baby always safe and healthy.

  • In the first three months you don’t need to make any changes to your Pilates routine. There is actually nothing to be avoided unless morning sickness is troubling you a lot.

  • With the advent of second trimester you should reduce high intensity and high impact exercises.

  •  Stop twisting your spine and lying on your back. Stop here means completely stop.

  •  As you approach delivery reduce physical exertion. Get reduced to simple exercises which may include stretching and movements.

  •  Never ever force yourself during pregnancy for any exercise. It is important to listen to your body, if it says there is something wrong with particular movement then it is a major possibility.

  • During pregnancy always workout under the supervision of a specialist. 

These will help you to have a healthy pregnancy and propagate normal birth. Last but not the least you will not take decades to get back in shape.


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