7 Best Essay Writing Tips - How do you write a Good Essay?

by Austin Clarke Content Writer

Writing an essay has always been a task amongst students. It comes with many questions like how to start, how to frame paragraphs students find this task extreme while an essay is a matter of words and sentences. 

There are many steps an individual can take and make it manageable to write an effective essay. Following these easy steps will help you to draft an essay successfully whatever the purpose it may serve. 

#1. Understanding the topic

Before writing an essay you have to know what the topic is, you might be assigned a few topics or given the power to write on the title of your choice, in case you don't know what to write on then approach your teacher they will be the best person to suggest you a topic. 

After doing this sit down calmly and start to jot down some points related to the topic make a list of how you are going to describe the topic, in which section will the points be. Make sure your topic serves the intent behind writing the essay. 

Understanding your topic will give you a clear vision of how to start your essay and what category of audience it will serve. 

#2. Create a Diagram or outline of your ideas

Organizing your thoughts will help you to structure the essay successfully. Take everything that you have in regarding the topic and put it on a paper this will help you to build links and connect with your ideas. 

Separate your essay into introduction, body and conclusion. Use an outline or a diagram to note down your opinions and organize them. How you want the flow of your information which points you want to include this will help you to draft your writing and will make things easier. 

Doing this will enable you to see connections and will improve your writing and organize your essay.

#3. Create a thesis statement

You have worked on the outline and also created points on the topic selected, so, begin your essay with a thesis statement that will supervise your complete writing, what you want to showcase from your essay, your statement should be brief, but, write all the main points you want to address in the essay. Refer to your thesis statement continuously while writing your essay make sure you never deviate from your foremost points. Emphasise your essay using the thesis statement.

#4. Draft the body

The body of your essay plays an important role it explains, describes and argues about your topic. Each idea in the outline will enhance a separate part in the body of your essay. 

Begin writing a statement with one of the main introductory ideas. Starting to write the introduction of your essay will confuse you and after so many efforts you don't want to stick with the introduction wasting your time. After this write your supporting ideas and live some lines so that you can come back and detail it. While writing make sure you write relevant information and examples that will help to link your ideas.

#5. Draft the introduction

So, you have developed your thesis and the overall body of the essay, its time to write an introduction. Write an introduction in a way which will excite the reader and pull its attention which exhibits your essay.

You can use a quote or a revelation suitable to your topic to start your introduction. Make sure it agrees with your thesis statement which ends your introduction.

#6. Draft the conclusion

Ensure that your conclusion should state your thesis statement. End up your essay by using your final thoughts and outlooks on your topic. It is the time when you have to tie all your points and links to conclude your essay, it should be contained with three to five powerful sentences. It's simple to use your thesis to end the process. Don't forget to keep it mild and intellectual.

#7. Give finishing touches

Still, your essay is not complete you have to go through your essay check the order of your paragraph and also whether it makes sense, check your strongest points they should be in your first and last paragraph with others in the middle. Review your essay with your teacher make sure it is in the desired format.

Ultimately, review your essay and read what you have written, Check the flow of your sentences and that your ideas connect your phrases. Most Important check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

That's it, after doing these things pat your back you have written a good essay.     

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