How to prepare for any Entrance Exam within 2 months?

by Austin Clarke Content Writer
India is the youngest country in the world, at first thought it might seem to be very nice but there’s a darker side too! 

Being the youngest country, it is obvious that the population of young people is very higher in India which needs job and the competition irrespective of the field and sector is automatically increasing year by year, and so does the unemployment. 

So, to survive in this cut throat competition you need a guide or techniques through which you can clear any entrance exam you wish. 

Here are few tips and techniques which one can use to clear any entrance exam: -

1. Know Your Target

No matter for which entrance exam you’re preparing for it is always recommended to know what exactly your area of focus should be. Hence, you should keep the official syllabus (if provided) handy, get a print out and paste it somewhere, where you can refer to it the moment you need it. 

Also get the previous year’s papers of last five year (if possible), nowadays, everything is available on internet but if you’re old school then buy the book that has previous years papers and few sample papers for practice too. Don’t ignore these small things, it really helps in long run.

After you get the previous year papers and syllabus, start analysing the pattern, how the questions are asked, what types of questions are frequently asked, which topic has more weight-age and the overall trend of the paper over the years.

This really helps if you already know the answers of all these question before starting your preparation any entrance exam, as you develop a map in your mind which will help to keep your preparation precise.

To sum up, get the syllabus handy, get previous year papers, analyse the pattern and trend of the exam and make a map in your mind before starting your preparation.
2. Clear Your Basics

After you have analysed the pattern and the syllabus of the exam, your next step should to check whether your basics of topics required are clear or not. If not, do that first as soon as possible, because you will always face difficulty if your basics are not clear. Getting your basics cleared helps to build a strong base for your further preparation.

Also, try to stick to the syllabus as much you can, the syllabus should be your Holy Bible till the time you are selected. Read what is prescribed, practice what it is recommended and try not to do topics which are important for the exam point of view. 

Many brilliant students fail to clear the exam in first attempt due to this, syllabus is provided for a reason. Don’t try to know everything that is there in the book, I’m not saying don’t read anything extra at all but I’m just saying, get thoroughly done with your syllabus first, because knowledge is unlimited, but your attempts are not.

To sum up, get your basics cleared first, stick to the syllabus and get thorough with your syllabus first then go for something extra.

3. Material

After your basics are cleared you should start collecting the study material required for your further preparation, quality material is vital. Though many students rely on coaching institutes for material, self-made notes are also a good option. In India material are easily available for almost any kind of entrance exam organised in India from hand written notes to coaching institute’s notes too, if you know the right place.

It does not matter you’re studying from notes of your coaching institute or from famous ones, what really matters is reliability and quality. Another important thing is, don’t jump from one source to another or keep changing the material. 

Every material has its own methodology to explaining things and might create confusion by frequently changing material. Pick up one source whichever you find more comprehensible and are comfortable with and stick to it, though you are free to use other sources for crosschecking and reference.

To sum up, find good quality material and stick to it, also avoid reading from multiple source to avoid confusion.

4. Make A Routine and Study

After you’re done with knowing your target, clearing your basics and finding good material, your 40% problem is solved! Yes! Now all you are left with is to make a suitable and practical routine to get started with your preparation. I said practical because students tend to make routine which they can never follow. 

Avoid making a rigid routine, keep it simple and something that you can easily follow in long run. Your routine should have proper time allocated for at least 7-8 hours of sleep, though, sleeping pattern vary person to person, keep according to you so that you don’t feel sleepy and tired whole day. 

So, make your routine keeping in mind your other works, for instance, if you’re a student and have go to school or college every day or a working person who must finish his office work too, plan keeping everything in mind so that you don’t miss out anything.

To sum up, make a suitable and practical routine which you can easily follow in long run.

5. Start Preparing!

Now after you are done with analysing, collecting and planning, all you have to do is to start preparing now! Now you might be thinking whether go for self-study or join a coaching institute? It doesn’t matter whether you choose to study on your own or wish to take help from a coaching institute. 

Students clear and even top without coaching also but if you don’t want to take chance and feel like you need help then you’re free to choose a coaching whichever you feel good because at end what counts is your talent!

Do smart work, study selectively, as I mentioned earlier stick to the syllabus, avoid distractions (social media, unnecessarily hanging out, etc.), prioritise things and work, revise daily, practice as much as you can, take mock test when you’re done with your preparation, don’t take stress even if you score less in beginning and work on your weak points to improve your score. 

After all these you’ll be as set to crack your dream exam!

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