6 Wood Fired Sauna Heater Myths Busted

by Dan Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas

Wood fired sauna heaters are designed to live up to a traditional sauna experience. They are widely used in Europe and are capable of heating a sauna by transferring heat effectively to the rocks. Many sauna users count on the mild heat generated by a wood sauna stove, and the way it adds a crackling sound and unique aroma that can be hardly imitated.

The installation process of a wood sauna stove is similar to a gas or an electric heater, but it includes a chimney for proper ventilation of smoke. Even if the fire serves as the main source of heat, still it needs to be loaded with stones, because they spread out the heat better from the stove. The wood fired sauna heater also draws air from outside to minimize the breathing difficulty. That’s why the sauna users don’t have to compete with the smoke of fire for oxygen! Wood sauna stoves make it possible to heat the whole sauna up to 60-90°C.

Wood sauna stoves have evolved a lot in the last few years, and with their changed features, many misunderstandings have developed. You need to clear things up after going through the myths about these stoves.

 Myth 1: Firewood burning is harmful for the environment

Burning wood does liberate carbon into the environment, but the quantity is what the tree has actually absorbed during its lifespan. As a result, it is considered carbon neutral and far greener than fossil fuel burning.

Myth 2: Wood sauna stove will not be allowed in smoke controlled areas

Some of the modern varieties of wood sauna stoves operate so cleanly that you will be still allowed to use them in a smoke controlled area. Just make an inquiry with your retailer to find such a stove.

Myth 3: Any general technician can help with installation of wood sauna stove

Not true! All general technicians can’t perform equally. An expert in electric or gas sauna heater is not always capable of handling a wood sauna stove. It can be risky; there are dangers for carbon monoxide inhalation if the fitting isn’t properly done. Use a qualified technician and don’t go after the option of DIY installations.

Myth 4: Their efficiency in closed door remains the same as in an open fire condition

Most of the modern day wood sauna stove models will function at 70-85% efficiency in closed door condition. Open fire condition ensures only 20% operational efficiency, so the remaining 80% of the heat is going out in the chimney.

Myth 5: Any firewood can be burned on a wood fired sauna heater

It is recommended to burn hardened or dried firewood. Unseasoned or green wood generates huge amount of smoke, will never burn as cleanly, and will never get as hot as required.

Myth 6: It involves a lot of work to operate a wood burning stove than a central heating system

You can get delivered with a ready to use wood burning sauna heater which does not require more hard work but more greener, and every owner will feel great about!

Hopefully, you are now able to clear up a few things regarding wood sauna stoves. So, go ahead with your purchase decision and pick up any model you like for your sauna soon.

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