Get an Authentic Sauna Experience with Wood Fired Sauna Heaters

by Dan Jung Northern Lights Cedar Tubs and Saunas

About 2000 years ago the first sauna and sauna heaters were invented in Finland after knowing the various health benefits such as relief from muscle soreness, respiratory system clearing, easing out the arthritis related discomfort, body toxin cleansing, improved circulation and relief from stress that a sauna provides. And all these benefits made sauna popular all over the world. And when talking about sauna, sauna heater is the lifeline of it.

Today, one can find a variety of sauna such as smoke sauna, dry sauna, wet sauna, steam sauna and the ones that work with infrared waves. And the different saunas use different types of heat sources including electricity, wood, gas and some of the exceptional methods such as solar energy. To have an enjoyable sauna experience all you need is to have a heater that suits your preferences. In short we can say without a sauna heater, a sauna is merely a room!

In general there are four types of sauna heaters available and these are wood fired sauna heaters, oil and gas fired sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters and infrared sauna heaters. These sauna heaters play vital role by heating up the air present within the sauna or any room that helps in sweating out various horrid toxins from our body and cleansing the skin as well. Wood sauna stoves are a great preference especially for those who reside in country side or who can get fire wood easily. Wood sauna stovesare the oldest type of sauna heatersand it offers an authentic sauna experience. These are the least expensive alternative and there is no contradiction that there is a nostalgic feelconnected with a wood burning stove. The soul-warming aroma of a wood fire only adds to the additional relaxing benefits of a sauna.

Wood fired sauna heaters are a perfect option for any outdoor sauna. It possesses a combustion chamber where controlling the air flow can be done well. The faster the wood burns, the higher is the air flow. By controlling this air flow the degree of the room temperature is maintained to a great extent. In case of wood fired sauna heaters, the threat of smoke entering the sauna is reduced, as it is strained out using a metal smoke pipe, whichis mounted from its roof. The wood sauna stoves contain glass doors that help in keeping a watch on the flames easily while taking sauna. Huge amount of steam is emitted when water is poured directly over the extremely hot rocks. Wood fired sauna heaters do not need much wood to get it going and this makes these more efficient than electric as well as infrared heating systems.The installationof wood sauna stoves is much like a wood stove or fireplace. Wood sauna stoves are an efficient option for heating up the sauna faster with fewer amounts of woods burnt. So, if you are looking for outdoor sauna installations then do consider wood fired sauna heaters to experience an authentic and aromatic sauna.

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