5 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Plumbing

by Pinky Tyagi Blogger & Writter

Having plumbing trouble can be a miserable experience. If you're lucky, you may require calling for emergency plumbing in Woodstock, GA, to merely fix a clog. If you're unlucky, you could be in for a disaster that requires major repair for water damage. The important thing is to be aware of problems with your plumbing the moment they occur. Here are a few things you can do to protect your home.

1. Clear Your Drains

Most problems with your plumbing begin with clogged and damaged drains. That's why it's important that you clean your drains on a regular basis. For the most part, it's best to avoid store bought drain cleaners as they're comprised of heavy chemicals and can do more harm than good. Fortunately, there are homemade drain cleaners you can use. The simplest remedy is to combine white vinegar with hot water. For extra power, add baking soda, and use a plunger if the clog persists.

2. Prevent Clogs

Of course, your drains will stay clear if you can avoid clogs in the first place. Don't put anything down the drain that doesn't belong there. For instance, grease and fatty liquids are a no-no. Install screens over your drain openings. This will prevent food scraps and hair from getting into kitchen and bathroom drains. If clogs persist, and cleaning your drains doesn't appear to be working, it's time to call for emergency plumbing kennesaw ga.

3. Drain Your Water Heater

Most of the time your water heater works so well you don't even notice it. However, to avoid trouble, it's wise to drain your water heater once a year. Draining it allows you check for rust, flaking, or unusual discoloration. If you own a gas heater, verify the flame is the color blue. If it's yellow, call in an expert to clean the jets.

4. Inspect for Leaks

Periodically look for leaks throughout your plumbing system. Start with the faucets themselves, and then inspect all the exposed pipes under the sinks and elsewhere. Also, be aware of any moisture along the walls. This can indicate that there is leaking from the pipes within.

5. Don't Delay With Repairs

If you can tolerate moderate leaking, or a slightly busted water heater, don't do it!

It may not seem like much, but all plumbing problems should be repaired as they occur. Otherwise, like it or not, you may have to rely on emergency plumbing in Woodstock, GA.

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