Plastic Pipes Used for Plumbing is a Great Decision to Avoid Rusting and Expenses

by Pinky Tyagi Blogger & Writter

Plumbing system in every house is different and there are various materials and techniques used to make it more efficient and durable. Initially when homes were made, metal pipes were used for strength. Although after many years, people realized that metal when in contact with water for a long time not only gets rusted, but also spreads infection due to moss and bacteria. Therefore, after a long research, plastic pipes were considered rust free and durable as well.

You might say that plastic melts in heat therefore hot water coming from geysers might melt that material. Usually, PVC and CPVC are used to make plastic. They are polythene material, which is highly elastic and versatile. Here CPVC is used for cold and hot water. Most of the plumbing supplies or bathroom fixtures are of plastic to increase durability and look of your house.

Some of the benefits of plastic pipes for plumbing are -

  • Price
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Characteristics
  • Fixing


Plastic is cheaper than iron or cement pipes. They are recycled and reused. Even if you’re getting repaired, its parts are easily available and at a cheaper price. Since they are lighter than other material, they can be shipped to any place conveniently. Cement pipes have 15 years of life, but plastic pipes have longer life of 50 years.

Easy installation

Other metallic pipes are fixed or screwed by soldering with heat or blowtorch. However, plastic pipes are easy put together with few nut bolts. Moreover, the joints can be fixed simply by cement or a hard adhesive or gel.

Environmentally friendly

Since it is plastic it can be reused, which means contractors and owners can store broken pipes and can take it to recycle places. It can be formed back into a good quality pipe again. This way they aren’t sent to garbage and can be reused.


Plastic pipes are smooth and attractive to look at. Due to the smoothness, water flows nicely and in good amount. They can be moulded into any shape as compared to cemented pipes.


Cement and iron pipes are heavy and rigid. When you try to move them from one location to another they might break or get damaged. Cement pipes are sealed with rubber rings but plastic pipes are sealed with TPE rings.

Choosing plastic pipes for plumbing is always a good decision as it not only saves money, but also reduces repairing trouble. Regular maintenance can keep them in good condition.

Using plastic pipe is also safe for health because drinking water will be rust free and pure. Being a bad conductor of electricity it is safer than metal pipes in bathrooms. Since it has great elasticity hot water expands and cold water freezes it without breaking it.

Now that you know there are so many advantages of installing plastic pipes at home, so check your nearest plumbing suppliers, who can help you get PVC pipes if you’re renovating your home, repairing a pipe or building a house. 

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